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This indicator analyzes charts and looks for their levels. It picks levels with the following features:

  • Shows levels which are greater than or equal to a selected width. 10 points by default.
  • Shows levels from which the price has moved a significant distance. Supposedly, the price can move a significant distance from this level again. The default value is 3. That means that if the level is equal to 10 points, the price has previously moved at least 30 points from that level.
  • Looks for levels within prescribed limits (above or below the current price).
  • Can display levels of other periods, if necessary. Levels generated on H1 and H4 can be displayed on the chart. You can define trading direction using a big period and find an entry point using a small one.

The indicator has 4 lines. Downward numeration is from 0 to 3. It allows you to use it in your EAs.

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