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Smarttime is an intelligent trading system, in extremely bad market it can maintain a stable profit. It will automatically identifies at what time the transaction should be done and at what time you can not trade. When some major data release, the system will automatically close the transaction, such as NFP time, ADP data released time, intelligent system at that time will not trade. In other times, such as the European trading time, trading hours of the American segment, SmartTime determones admission availability according to market conditions and a number of integrated indicators. The composite indicator is, out through big data analysis, more reliable, rigorously tested by screening out multiple targets mutual authentication to ensure the accuracy of the transaction, in order to achieve sustained, stable earnings.


  • Order Magic Number: Order magic number
  • Trade Day of Non Farm: whether trade on NFP
  • Trading24h: 24 hours a day trading
2016.10.03 12:49 

Bad EA ... will destroy your account once trend begins ... grid ... walk away for a few hours after strong trend and your account will be reduced to margin call ... no controls to adjust ... just an EA designed to decimate your account and that's putting it lightly.