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Momentum Fixed

Momentum Fixed minimizes the disadvantage of the standart Momentum - in an active market, when price changes quickly, the standart Momentum loses its relevance.

All methods used to Momentum are applicable to this release as well. Also, moving averages are added to simplify the interpretation.


  • Mode. Please see below.
  • TimeFrame. You can use any older timeframe or the current one.
  • Apply to price. It can be applied to 8 types of rates.
  • Check period. Period common to standart Momentum.
  • MA mode. Smoothing method. There are 4 standard methods, as well as the regression line (see https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/7758)
  • MA1. The smoothing period for the first moving average.
  • MA2. The smoothing period for the second moving average.
  • Limit bars to count. To save computational resources, you can limit bars to count. A value of 0 means "no limit". Be careful, it can take a few minutes if the history is deep!


Momentum Fixed. The indicator itself.

Momentum Fixed with MA. Indicator with moving average

Momentum Fixed with two MA. Indicator with two moving averages.

*Separated. Bonus.You can analize the value of growth and decline within the period separately.

**Classic with two MA. The bonus version of the standart Momentum, unlike the one built in the terminal that displays the ratio, this one shows the arifmethical difference between the current price and the price "Check period" bars ago. The indicator has two moving averages that can be switched off by specifying a color to "None" on the color selection tab. The same way it is possible to use the smoothed line instead of the indicator.

The same is applicable to Momentums Fixed with MA.

Application: why indicators give false signals? The key parameter for the most of indicators is the period. Therefore, the old dynamic has almost the same meaning (value) as the current one. This is a problem not only of the Momentum (though, it is much more considerable for it, because the calculations do not use a period between the old and the current value), but also, for example, for such favorite indicators like Stochastic or Moving Average. Usually, what is called a "false" or "early" signal is actually nothing but the influence of old values that are greater than the current one. "The tail can wag the dog", if this tail is more heavy.
RUS2668 Иванов
RUS2668 Иванов 2018.09.07 16:15 

Отличная работа!

Sergey Kozhevnikov
Sergey Kozhevnikov 2015.06.09 22:19 

Игорю, мое уважение за точный инструмент для входа и выхода на форекс.