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This is a DEMO version of the product. Limitations: amount of displayed orders per a current symbol is 5, statistics is calculated per 15 orders. The full version has no limitations.

Full version without limitations: VR SIGNAL ANALIZ.

Visit the seller profile VOLDEMAR to learn about discounts.

The expert advisor is designed for the visual analysis of a signal provider's trade from mql5.com for MT4 terminal.

The program will show information on trades of a provider you are interested in. Not only a number of orders but also provider's trading style will be visible for you.

The EA is designed for acquisition of additional information. The EA will show any information concerning trading on a currency pair of InfoSignal Currency Pair EA, as well as concerning all trading instruments in total (All Symbol info Signal).

The EA moves all chart orders according to its preset symbol after loading a report.

You will receive additional information once you click on the order.

Are you a subscriber and a user of the Signals service of mql5.com? Do you look through signals every day trying to find most stable and profitable ones? You can asses all risks and see main trading principles of a signal provider.

Are you a successful trader and a signal provider? Do you trade stably and achieve profit? Do you follow fundamental rules and use unperilous trading strategies? This EA will help you to show a potential subscriber your trading to full advantage.

A subscriber could assess your trading due to a visual report. At that trading details won't be seen.

Recommend this EA to your potential subscribers.

How to use:

  1. Choose a signal provider
  2. Download the trade history
  3. Place 123456.history.csv along the following path: MT4 Terminal > File > Open data folder > MQL4 > Files
  4. Settings when the EA is launching:
  • a - UTC time shift between a trading report and time of your terminal
  • b - File name, for instance 123456.history without extension .csv
  • c - Specify your broker's prefix (for obtaining current information on symbols used by a provider)
Types of prefixes: pro, .m, .x, x etc. I.e. if your broker presents currency rates of EURUSDpro, EURUSD.m, or EURUSDx types,  you should specify this prefix in settings.

Screenshots demonstrate examples of risky providers and examples of stable and profitable providers.

The EA is designed for helping a subscriber to assess risks more qualitatively and completely.

We are going to complement the EA with reading of reports from MT4/5 terminal and reading of signals of providers using MT5.

We are also going to add our own assessment of signals.

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2016.08.31 06:51 

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