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KL Visual Trade Calculator

KL Visual Trade Calculator is used for preliminary calculating trades and analysing price movement on chart. Risk Management directly on chart, very easy in use. Only three clicks in order to set destination targets on chart and receive ready calculations. Initially, please only enter risk amount of Account Balance in indicator panel, this value is kept even after platform restart.

For calculations are used two lines representing SL and TP. Calculations are made according to lines length from entry point to destination SL and next TP. For SL are calculated pip distance from entry point, the lot size according to SL distance and entered risk value, and SL value in account currency. For TP are calculated pip distance from entry point, potential TP value in account currency and time period of the trade including weekends and holidays.

How to use KL Visual Trade Calculator:

Before you read or instead of read description please watch video, because description of this visual tool is of category “how to use hammer” – easier to understand what you see.

The indicator panel is hiding automatically when indicator is not used and activated when the mouse pointer is near.

In indicator panel set risk value with reference to Account Balance that will be used for calculations.

Next press calculate button and start drawing trade destination targets by mouse clicking - only three clicks.

Choose potential entry level and click it, you will see red line representing SL following mouse pointer.

When you choose appropriate destination place for SL then click.

At the end of line you will see dropped label with calculations for stop loss, such as SL distance in pips, the lot size calculated according to SL distance and set risk, and value of SL in currency of account.

Now green line of TP is following mouse pointer, when you pause move of pointer, you will see current calculations of pip distance and time distance.

Choose your potential TP and click on target - on dropped label you will see TP pips range, value of potential TP and approximate time period of trade according to bar distance. Calculations have been made!

Now you can enter trade according to calculations, take screenshot for blog or perform another calculation by pressing delete button on keyboard. Also you can end calculations by pressing button calculate, panel will hide automatically. When hidden the indicator is inactive.

The Period also helps to determine the approximate duration of trade based on the past movements (swings). Vertical line that “following” mouse pointer shows nearest occurrence of weekends and holidays due to additional days that have impact on trades.


Risk Management form 0.1% of Account Balance.

The lot size of order is calculating according to broker permitted minimum, maximum and lot step.

The potential profit and stop loss are calculated without order commission.

Swap is calculated according to time distance of drew line (days) - in points (Forex), or in money in base currency of the symbol (CFD).

Read tips and temporarily calculations from object bubbles.

Press delete button to clear chart or perform another calculation.

The indicator panel is hiding automatically when indicator is not used.

Two auxiliary vertical lines are drawn because of time calculations (additional days).

One of the lines shows you occurrence of weekends or holidays that are nearest mouse pointer (bellow D1).

The second line shows vertically time of first bar. Both lines can be disabled in settings.

Three auxiliary horizontal lines that show price levels of potential Entry, SL and TP you can enable in settings.

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