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Fractals Support Resistance MT4

This indicator shows arrows as Support and Resistance from current time frame (Yellow arrows) and 2 higher TF by your choice

(TF2 = Aqua arrows, TF3 = Magenta arrows and TF4 = Blue arrows).

When all 3 color arrows are appearing in the same place then this is a good time to enter a new position.


  • NumOfBars - number of Bars where the indicator will show all arrows;
  • DistanceArrow - you can increase the distance (vertically) between arrows especially on higher TF.
2017.11.22 05:26 

Индикатор хорош! Но хорошо было бы добавить алерты, спасибо

2017.03.21 16:30 

Very Good Indicator, which slight repaints. With good moneymanagement and hedging, a great help in daytrading.

2016.05.11 22:32 

Very Good indicator. Obviously repaint but togheter others indicator that shows OB e OS and candlesticks pattern can give important reversal point. Only 4 stars 'cause I'm waiting an improvement by the author :-)

Than become 5 stars


P.S.: Leonid told me that will arrange to publish new version with TF4 ..... good now 5 STAR

tuanyer de los sa tos
2015.05.15 18:22 

Good Indicator. I use it on D1/Week/Month with Tick analysis, combined with oversold and overbought indicator.

And really work with good performance.

Note: The arrow is moved if the a new S/R is detected, but to confirmed the entry I suggest wait after the Oversold and overbought indicator (Crossed: 80% or 20% bar closed)or condition are met, then you BUY....Is good technical trading method.....at leas for me.

Version 5.19 - 2016.06.24
By the order of MQL5 member I added a fourth timeframe (TF4) to the indicator.
Version 5.17 - 2016.05.05
By the order of a MQL5 client this version will show an additional Alert, Push Notification and Mail when arrows from any 2 and all 3 Time Frames are appearing in the same place.
Version 5.13 - 2016.01.27
I added a Push Notification function to the indicator by a MQL5 client request.
Version 5.11 - 2016.01.05
By traders' requests, I added an Alert.