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Hedge Master EA

HEDGE MASTER Expert Advisor is a new Hedge Method that based on the idea of ranging market identification and Range-Bound Trading.

The ranging pairs tend to return to the same price eventually. And if we have a good ranging filter we can benefit from ranging pair and ranging market as well.

HEDGE MASTER has an embedded ranging market detector indicator and an advanced money management system. The filter tries to find the best ranging period and avoid trending market. The money management system tries to find the best distance between the trades and best exit points.


  • The HEDGE MASTER requires a ranging pair and a broker that allows hedging. The broker must allow opening buy and sell at the same time.


  • It tested with EURGBP and EURCHF pairs. The recent version has been optimized for EURGBP H1.
  • You should use default values of the inputs for best results.


  • Lot Size: set the manual lot size.
  • Use Money Management? (Y/N): turn on/off the auto lot size calculation.
  • Risk Percentage %: lot size/balance risk percentage.
  • Max Lot Size: max allowed lot size.
  • Hedge Profit Factor: profit factor used by the internal hedge strategy.
  • Stop-Loss Ratio: Stoploss to TakeProfit ratio.
  • Max Orders: Max orders the EA hedges.
  • Add Trades At: hedge distance to add trades.
  • Break Even? (Y/N): use the hedge breakeven strategy.
  • Zero Hedge? (Y/N): use the zero hedge strategy. It works when the sells or buys equal to zero to protect the hedge.
  • Use Filter? (Y/N): enable/disable the ranging market built-in indicator. It means the EA trades without filters.
  • Filter Method: filter method. It can be one of these types:
    • ADX
    • Stochastic
    • ADX + Stochastic
    • CCI (default)
    • ATR + StdDev
    • ADX + CCI
    • Stochastic + CCI
  • Filter Time Frame: filter indicator(s) timeframe
  • Don't Trade On Friday? (Y/N): disable opening new trades cycle on Friday to avoid swap and gaps over the weekend. But the EA will keep hedging any opened trades.
  • Friday End Trade Time Hour: Friday End time hour. After this hour, no new trades will be open.
  • Friday End Trade Time Minute: Friday End time minutes. After this hour+minutes, no new trades will be open.
  • ECN Broker? (Y/N): Set it to Yes if your broker is ECN. It is recommended to use Yes with all the brokers regardless if it is ECN or not.
  • Slippage: trading slippage.
  • On Chart Prints On? (Y/N): show on chart information panel or not.
  • Print Font Color: print font color.
Karl Ritsert
2016.02.26 17:05 

As he quote

"... If the breakout direction is not favorable for the trader's position, he or she could lose badly.

Read more: Range-Bound Trading Definition | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/rangeboundtrading.asp#ixzz41HArHMq0

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To open continuous sell orders in a Elliot Wave 3 buy wave is not really clever.

To make it short: Don't buy this EA. You will lose your time, nerves and money, it is to risky.

2016.01.04 15:21 

I rented this EA a few days ago and it trades on a real account exactly like in a backtest.

Very good with the right settings. But automoneymanagement can lead into stopout.

Excellent EA ! With right settings save and profitable on realaccount.

Version 1.9 - 2016.06.15
Emails/Alerts/Mobile Notifications have been added!
Version 1.8 - 2015.12.23
- Enhanced Stoploss
- Enhanced Ranging Filter
- Some minor updates