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DI Action PRO

The Expert Advisor strategy is based on the analysis of price action. It does not use any indicators or additional filters. No grid, no martingale. The strict algorithm in conjunction with a simple setup allows you to choose the right configuration, and therefore the best and reliable entry into the market. The EA uses simple Price Action setups:

  • 2 variants of the Inside Bar;
  • 4 variants of the Pin Bar;
  • Bullish engulfing setup (BUOVB);
  • Bearish engulfing setup (BEOVB);
  • Bars with the same lows and higher close (DBLHC);
  • Bars with the same highs and lower close (DBHLC);
  • Trading by GAP.

EA Performance Results


EA Version Differences

DI Action DI Action PRO
Working on a real account Yes Yes
Working on a demo account Yes Yes
Working by Inside Bar Yes Yes
Working by Pin Bar Yes Yes
Bullish engulfing setup (BUOVB) Yes Yes
Bearish engulfing setup (BEOVB) Yes Yes
Automatic setting of Stop Loss and Take Profit Yes Yes
Trailing stop Yes Yes
Changing a deal volume Yes Yes
Automatic lot calculation Yes Yes
Working with four- and five-digit quotes Yes Yes
Trading by GAP - Yes
Setting GAP parameters - Yes
Manual Pin Bar fine-tuning - Yes
Real account monitoring - Yes


  • No martingale, no grid, no scalping, no additional volumes, no reversals;
  • Trade solely on "naked" charts without the use of indicators or additional filters;
  • Patterns for trading are selectable;
  • Strict entry algorithm;
  • Intelligent mandatory placement of stop orders;
  • Trailing stop.

Operating Conditions

  • H4, D, W1 and MN timeframes (the best results are detected on daily charts);
  • Currency pair: any;
  • Reliable, round the clock Internet connection.
Recommendations: Before you install the EA and launch it, please backtest it using historical data of your broker and optimize the EA.


  • Interval – number of points to confirm the signal;
  • Lot Size – lot size;
  • Take Profit – locking in profit;
  • Factor Take Profit – profit factor; if <> 1, it multiplies Stop Loss to get the value of Take Profit;
  • Magic number – EA's magic number;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • Expiration Hour Order – lifetime (in hours) of pending orders, after which they expire;
  • Auto Lot Size – if true, the lot size is calculated automatically depending on the "Percentage of risk" parameter;
  • Percentage of risk – risk as a percentage of the maximum lot;
  • Enable Trailing – activates trailing stop for all the orders of the Expert Advisor;
  • Trailing Signal – price deviation in the profit direction where the trailing stop triggers;
  • Trailing Level – the new level of the stop order with the negative value Stop Loss moved to the profit size;
  • Inside Bar – if true, the EA trades based on the Inside Bar pattern;
  • Comment inside Bar – Inside Bar comment;
  • DBLHC – if true, the EA trades based on DBLHC;
  • Difference Low – the difference between the lows of the two bars in the pattern;
  • Comment DBLHC – DBLHC comment;
  • BUOVB pattern – if true, the EA trades based on BUOVB (Bullish Outside Vertical Bar) pattern;
  • Comment BUOVB – BUOVB comment;
  • BEOVB pattern – if true, the EA trades based on BEOVB (Bearish Outside Vertical Bar) pattern;
  • Comment BEOVB – BEOVB comment;
  • Pin-bar – if true, the EA trades based on Pin Bar;
  • Pin-bar Tail – Pin Bar tail size in points;
  • Pin-bar Head – Pin Bar head size in points;
  • Pin-bar Body – Pin Bar body size in points;
  • Comment pinBar – Pin Bar comment;
  • GAP Trade – if true, the EA trades based on GAP;
  • GAP size – GAP size in points;
  • Stop Loss GAP – limit the losses;
  • Comment GAP – GAP order comments.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 15:02 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

dax68 2016.01.05 23:06 

1 month trial..loser bad EA

Version 2.0 2015.09.25
- completely revised the EA algorithms
- added flat filtration
- money management depends on a specified stop loss level
- tracking trailing
- added saving trading history
Version 1.20 2015.03.04
Added order management
Fixed some errors