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AnyCandleGroup - H1, H4, D1 candles on your M15 chart.


This indicator displays the last 3 candles of any timeframe on the right side of your chart plus gives a human voice speech alert when candle close is imminent. AnyCandleGroup lets you keep things elegantly simple on your chart. It helps a lot if you take into account volume/spread analysis in your trading decisions.


  • Displays the last 3 candles of any timeframe on the right side of your chart
  • Gives easy to understand English speaking human voice alarms if candle close is imminent (voice package needs to be downloaded and installed separately)
  • Gives visible alert by changing candle color when candle is going to close
  • Alarm levels are adjustable from seconds to minutes according to your needs
  • Indicator can be switched ON/OFF without removing it from the chart
  • Code is optimized to minimize the software footprint

How to Install

  1. Download AnyCandleGroup_v1.4.zip and Sounds.zip files.
  2. Extract the ZIP files to your temporary folder.
  3. Copy the ex4 file to the following folder:
  4. Copy the WAV files to the folder below:
    ..\Program Files (x86)\Your-MetaTrader\sounds\
  5. You are ready to go.

How to Use

  1. Switch on the Chart Shift function in your MetaTrader (click the button on the toolbar).
  2. Add an AnyCandleGroup instance to your chart.
  3. Set the TimeFrame property: AnyCandleGroup will display the last 3 candles of this timeframe (H4 candles by default).
  4. Set the Position property. Change only if you use more than one AnyCandleGroup indicator on the same chart, otherwise you can leave it as is (default is 7).
  5. Set the Alarm settings: set the time and unit of measure (min = minutes; sec = seconds). The settings are case-insensitive, so 5 min and 5 Min are the same (alert is OFF and set to 5 min by default).
  6. Enjoy!

Hints on Usage

  • You can add more than one AnyCandleGroup instance to the same chart. Let's say you have an M15 chart and want to see the last three H4 candles, Day candles and Week candles as well. In this case, you have to add three AnyCandleGroup instances to your chart. Don't forget to set the Position property for the 2nd and 3rd instances (set 7 for the first group, set 15 for the second instance and 23 for the third one), otherwise your second/third group is displayed over the first one.
  • Do not add more than 3 AnyCandleGroup instances to the same chart (you can that, but it is useless).
  • Enable the alarm feature only in one AnyCandleGroup instance for a given timeframe. This way you can eliminate replicated alerts.


If you want to see the last three H4 and Day candles on your M15 chart, you have to drop two AnyCandleGroup indicators to your chart and set them up as follows:

H4 candles (AnyCandleGroup1):

  • Timeframe = H4
  • Position = 7
  • Alarm_On = true
  • AlarmStartBeforeClose = 5
  • AlarmStartMeasure = min

Day candles (AnyCandleGroup2):

  • Timeframe = D
  • Position = 15
  • Alarm_On = false


  1. There are three AnyCandleGroup indicators on my Indicator list, but I can see only one AnyCandleGroup on the chart. What is wrong?
    The Position property has the same value in each AnyCandleGroup instances. Set a unique value for each of them (see Example 1).

  2. Sometimes, I can see unwanted AnyCandleGroup candles across my chart. Why is that?
    Usually, this happens when your PC wakes up from standby after a long period of time and MT4 starts refreshing its charts. From version 1.4, AnyCandleGroup has a scheduled built-in clean-up process that starts within a minute after your MT4 terminal resumes (be patient). Or you can resolve this manually by changing your chart timeframe to a different timeframe for a while, then back to M15 (or whatever it was).

Legal notes

This indicator is free for any personal use.

Good luck!

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