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Chart Slide Show

Chart Slide Show plays all open charts one by one automatically every few seconds so you can lay down on your sofa and enjoy the show.

  • It's designed to use when you are seating far from you PC (Shows the pair's name and rate large enough).
  • Minimum speed is 5 second (Default 10 Seconds).
  • Attach indicator to one chart only and (Play/Stop) button will appears on any selected chart to play or stop the slide show.
  • Do not forget to maximize the chart before play.
  • You can choose to hear a short sound when a new chart is coming up.
  • Please watch the video to see how it works and do not hesitate to send feed back to improve futures updates.


  • Play speed per second: determine the number of seconds to switch to the next chart.
  • Play a sound on switch: if true, a very short sound will be played on each chart switch to notify the audience.
  • Show large symbol name and rate: if true, a large size box will appear on the chart which shows symbol name, timeframe and rate.
    • Symbol name text color: (Rate/Symbol) box text color.
    • Symbol name text size: (Rate/Symbol) box text size.
    • Symbol name box color: (Rate/Symbol) box color.
    • symbol name box size: (Rate/Symbol) box size.
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Version 2.0 - 2016.05.19
Added Stop and Play button to all charts.