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Price and Moving Average Crossover Alerts Serie

 Crossing of market price and moving average with all kinds of alerts and features to improve visualization on the chart.


  • Crossing of market price and Moving Average (MA) at current bar or at closing of last bar;
  • It can avoid same signals in a row, so it can allow only a buy signal followed by a sell signal and vice versa;
  • MA can be set for any of the following averaging methods: Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA), Linear-weighted Moving Average (LWMA);
  • MA can be also set for any averaging period and for any of the following prices: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical or Weighted;
  • The user can choose the drawing style of MA to improve the visualization on the chart;
  • Any kind of alerts can be enabled: Dialog Box, Email message, SMS notifications for smartphones and tablets, and Sound alerts;
  • By default up arrows are plotted for buying signals and down arrows for selling signals;
  • The user can choose the drawing style of the arrows;
  • It includes a minimum gap value between market price and MA to validate the crossing;
  • It works properly at any symbol (no matter how exotic it is) and any timeframe;
  • Compatible with any MetaTrader platform, regardless of the number of digits or other parameters;
  • Compatible with any other tool (indicator, EA or script) without slowing down the terminal performance and the trading operations.

About Us

We are a small team of coders/traders that provide professional programming services for the trading world, mostly for MetaTrader platform. Our team has around 7 years (as average) of trading experience and about 6 years (as average) dedicated to programming for MetaTrader. We have developed Scripts, Indicators and Expert Advisors for many clients around the world and for our own use.

2017.10.03 15:49 

It works

Muhammet Simsek
2017.09.25 13:18 

Very successful ... Thanks. DEMA, ZEMA, TEMA, REMA would have been better.

Version 1.20 - 2016.06.17
- New in v. 1.2 (2016.06.09):
» Fixed an issue detected while running in Renko charts.
» Fixed a bug that makes the arrows to plot erratically under some conditions.
» Added Maximum Checked Bars input. It determines the maximum amount of candles to be evaluated by the indicator. The less this value, the faster the indicator.
Version 1.10 - 2015.11.30
New in v1.1 (2015.11.29):
- Improved interface for some input parameters.
- Improved visual method to place the arrows.