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Price and Moving Average Crossover Alerts Serie

 Crossing of market price and moving average with all kinds of alerts and features to improve visualization on the chart.


  • Crossing of market price and Moving Average (MA) at current bar or at closing of last bar;
  • It can avoid same signals in a row, so it can allow only a buy signal followed by a sell signal and vice versa;
  • MA can be set for any of the following averaging methods: Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA), Linear-weighted Moving Average (LWMA);
  • MA can be also set for any averaging period and for any of the following prices: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical or Weighted;
  • The user can choose the drawing style of MA to improve the visualization on the chart;
  • Any kind of alerts can be enabled: Dialog Box, Email message, SMS notifications for smartphones and tablets, and Sound alerts;
  • By default up arrows are plotted for buying signals and down arrows for selling signals;
  • The user can choose the drawing style of the arrows;
  • It includes a minimum gap value between market price and MA to validate the crossing;
  • It works properly at any symbol (no matter how exotic it is) and any timeframe;
  • Compatible with any MetaTrader platform, regardless of the number of digits or other parameters;
  • Compatible with any other tool (indicator, EA or script) without slowing down the terminal performance and the trading operations.

About Us

We are a small team of coders/traders that provide professional programming services for the trading world, mostly for MetaTrader platform. Our team has around 7 years (as average) of trading experience and about 6 years (as average) dedicated to programming for MetaTrader. We have developed Scripts, Indicators and Expert Advisors for many clients around the world and for our own use.

Ashton Robbins
Ashton Robbins 2018.05.23 13:16 

There seems to be a lag with this system on the longer timeframes , which I use . So on the hourly or daily chart after the market has closed, the arrows etc do not show immediately. Other than notifications working the indicator is helpful, accurate and easy to use. thanks

pnutfx503 2017.10.03 15:49 

It works

Muhammet Simsek
Muhammet Simsek 2017.09.25 13:18 

Very successful ... Thanks. DEMA, ZEMA, TEMA, REMA would have been better.

Version 1.20 - 2016.06.17
- New in v. 1.2 (2016.06.09):
» Fixed an issue detected while running in Renko charts.
» Fixed a bug that makes the arrows to plot erratically under some conditions.
» Added Maximum Checked Bars input. It determines the maximum amount of candles to be evaluated by the indicator. The less this value, the faster the indicator.
Version 1.10 - 2015.11.30
New in v1.1 (2015.11.29):
- Improved interface for some input parameters.
- Improved visual method to place the arrows.