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PH Hull Moving Speed

PH Hull Moving Speed

The square moving average shows the color slope of Hull moving average:

  • When the square is green, the slope of Hull MA is bullish.
  • When the square is red, the slope of Hull MA is bearish.
  • When the square is white, the slope of Hull MA is neutral.

Among the parameters you can choose:

  • HMAperiod – choose period.
  • HMAprice – choose price.
  • HMAmethod – choose average type.
  • HMAspeed – choose Hull average speed. Normally, the speed is 2.
  • NormalizeDigits – choose the number of digits after the decimal point.

The Hull moving average is a good tool to detect the trend.

Please, never trade without Stop Loss.

The best way is to test indicator in demo account before going live.

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