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TIL Timeframe Overlay

The TIL Timeframe Overlay indicator is the perfect tool for multiple timeframe analysis. It does the simple yet powerful task of overlaying a candlestick chart of a different timeframe over another allowing you to see the BIGGER picture and see the underlying TREND amid the noise and volatile price action. Please see the screenshots below for examples.


  • It works in ALL timeframe.
  • It works in ANY instrument/symbol.
  • Displays ENTIRE candlesticks (body and wick) of other timeframes including OPEN, HIGH, LOW, and CLOSE prices.
  • You can choose ANY timeframe to overlay.
  • Of course, the indicator does not repaint. It displays a new candlestick as new ones close (in real time) depending on the chosen timeframe.
  • The colors of the candlesticks can be customized.

A few notes:

  • Please make sure that the timeframe you choose to overlay is LARGER than the chart you are attaching it to.
  • Due to the limitations of MQL objects, you can only properly use one instance of this indicator at a time.
  • The indicator displays candlesticks only when it is closed.
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