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Assistant Trader

Assistant Trader is a true trader's assistant. It provides the maximum of functionality with the minimum of settings.

Attention! The EA does not place orders. Please use the Demo version to test the EA's functionality: Assistant Trader Demo.

The Expert Advisor's Functionality:

  • The EA sets the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders for a selected symbol.
  • It closes all orders for a symbol when a certain virtual profit or loss of the total position is reached.
  • It draws virtual profit and loss levels of the total position on the chart. This is a selectable functionality.
  • It can track all orders simultaneously, or orders placed by the trader or Expert Advisor.
  • Moves orders to breakeven. This is a selectable functionality.
  • Applies trailing stop for open orders. This is a selectable functionality.
  • Shows the profit/loss value of the total position.
  • Can work in combination with any EA.
  • Works on any currency pair with any-digit quotes.
  • For your convenience, all settings are displayed in the information panel.
  • To quickly close all positions for a symbol, use the "Close On/Off" button.

Expert Advisor Parameters:

  • Close ON/OFF - fast closing of all positions for a symbol.

Total Position Setup Parameters

  • VirtualLevel - enable calculation of virtual levels.
  • ShowVirtualLevel - enabling display of virtual levels on teh chart.
  • VirtualProfit - the virtual profit of the total position in the deposit currency, reaching which the EA closes all orders.
  • VirtualLoss - the virtual loss of the total position in percentage of the deposit, reaching which the EA closes all orders.

Order Parameters

  • StopLoss - the size of the Stop Loss order in tricks (it is set only for the orders placed by the trader).
  • TakeProfit - the size of the Take Profit order in tricks (it is set only for the orders placed by the trader).

Trailing Stop Parameters

  • TralLevel - enabling trailing stop.
  • StepTral - trailing distance in ticks.
  • DeltaStepTral - excess of price distance in ticks to enable the trailing.
Breakeven Parameters
  • ZeroProfit - enable the breakeven function.
  • DistanceProfit - a distance for moving an order to breakeven in ticks.
  • LevelProfit - The level for setting breakeven based Stop Loss in ticks.

A unique identifier

  • MagicNumber - if <0, the EA controls all orders, if 0 - trader's orders, if >0 - EA's orders.

Other parameters

  • Slippeg - slippage in ticks.
  • kStopLevel - ratio of spread difference from the market price. The value is required for the correct calculation of the minimum acceptable stop loss and take profit levels, if the broker intentionally hides these values. (For calculations with ECN kStopLevel=0)
  • textColor - the color of the info panel.

The units of virtual parameters are set up in accordance with the author\s preferences. If necessary, a specific Expert Advisor under the preferences of potential buyers can be created. If you want one, please send a private message.

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