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The indicator of a professional trader

Special features

  • All tools are suitable;
  • Many strategies;
  • Important levels, recommendations;
  • Flexibility in settings for different tools and intervals.


  • B, S - predict the direction of the candle at the beginning or at the close of the candle. Recommended TF from H4 and higher.
  • Yellow dots - recommended SL.
  • Green squares are recommended TP.


  • SL - The default is 70, I recommend choosing from 70 to 120. The higher this value is, the lower is the probability of SL triggering.
  • TP -   The default is 40, I recommend choosing from 30 or 40. The lower this value, the higher the probability of TP triggering.
  • btext, stext - Replacing text on a chart;
  • W_MODE_SET - 10 types of settings for the main strategy, from 0 to 10. You can individually adjust for each pair and interval;
  • AAA_filter - Filter the main strategy;
  • MinMaxFilter - Filter the main strategy, limits signals at highs and lows;
  • Text indent - Text indent .
  • The limit bars for greater performance (if true) - Through the " step" parameter, you can reduce or increase the amount of historical data displayed on the chart, as well as improve performance;
  • Use Signal only when the candle closes - Set to true to receive the signal when the candle closes;
  • CorrelationTradeSignal - Enables and disables the correlation strategy. Use in H4.
  • Symb - The name of the first character.
  • Symb2 - The name of the second character.
  • Symb3 - The name of the third character.
  • CTSBcolor - Line color, buy signal.
  • CTSScolor - Line color, sell signal.
  • NEW_REVERS - New predictive strategy for finding pivots. The recommended schedule period, not lower than H4.
  • Use the main forecasting strategy - Use the main forecasting strategy;
  • Hide Main Future Strategy TF <H4? - Hide the signals of the main strategy below the H4 interval;
  • SL_ - (Enable / Disable) dynamic SL.
  • TP_ - (Enable / Disable) dynamic TP.
  • Levels - Allows you to disable and enable level strategies;
  • Alerts - The indicator sends sound notifications if true;
  • PUSH - Indicator sends push notifications if true;
  • MAIL - The indicator sends messages to the mail, if true;
  • TextFontSize - Font size;
  • Font_style - Font style.

elizco38 2017.02.07 15:06   

Rented this indicator for m30 to H4 binary trading, very sad to note that arrows disappeared after change of TF. Can the author shed some light on how to trade on binary?

Vilmar Tavares
Vilmar Tavares 2016.12.05 19:56 

I'm raising a note. The indicator has improved a lot. So today's increase to 5 stars. Very efficient.

Ismail Ender Eraslan
Ismail Ender Eraslan 2016.03.21 21:04 

Wery nice signal............

forexferrari 2016.03.03 01:28   

I thought this would help with my Binary trading, but its pretty bad.

Can someone shed some light on how they are utilizing it and possible be willing to share their strategy?

Thanks Team!!

Audai Louri
Audai Louri 2016.02.22 23:31 

Honestly I find this tool to be quite useful. I have to say it has a great success rate if you know how to use it. I used it for 1 day and found some great results. I am honestly planning to try it for another 3 months and then Purchase this tool after my evaluation. One great thing would be to see the success rates on every currency pair to make a better decision on to enter or not. Maybe a future addition. Excellent indicator! Well done and Thank you!

fabbry72 2015.11.30 00:47 

I'm using this indicator and after a short period necessary to understand how it works now I can say that is one of the best indicators present here on the Market perhaps the best absolute.

Finally, a particular note to the author: Ramiz is always very helpful for any request over that be kind and good person.

5 Stars don't hesitate to consider this little masterpiece!

Tom Kasper
Tom Kasper 2015.09.24 23:54 

5 Star Rated! Super Indicator and a wonderfull job from the Author. I recommend everybody this indicator for trading forex and trading Binary Options.

Beside this I also want to say that not only the product is good but also the service is great. Very friendly and Helpfull!

Once again big thanks and appreciation to the author!

Update: I want to update my review as the Author also updates his product.

I want to add, the update 8.4 is really amazing. It's signals for D1 are very good and very profitable. This indicator is just a must have ;-)

Werner 2015.06.24 15:19 

Excellent Indicator ! Helps you to improve your System. Very Good Support from Ramiz !

Mikhail Repnikov
Mikhail Repnikov 2015.02.24 12:19 

Это самый лучший индикатор для бинарных опционов!!! разработчик данного индикатора не сидит на месте постоянно его дорабатывает всегда есть поддержка по скайп, вообщем рекомендую всем!!! да и результаты примерно около 80 % прибыльных сделок это еще один не мало важный + для данной ТС .

lexuno 2014.12.10 20:55 

Купил данный индикатор и скажу своё справедливое мнение. Индикатор хороший, но в умелых руках. Есть в нём грешок это перерисовка, но так как индикатор на свечном анализе то этот грешок можно простить. К индикатору нужно приспособиться сразу говорю. Это не грааль, но если научится по нему правильно работать, а автор и этому помогает за что ему большое спасибо то прибыль будет! Но я бы всё же рекомендовал данный индикатор больше для людей уже с определённым опытом на рынке, новички его сразу скорее всего не поймут. Автору спасибо.

Petr Moskaljuk
Petr Moskaljuk 2014.12.08 18:39 

Оценка 5! Хорошая работа!

Version 22.0 2019.04.27
Add new strategy.
Version 21.0 2019.04.01
Added a new strategy to search for reverse points, where the return is most likely, to the opening price. NEW_REVERS. Use at intervals of at least H4.
Version 19.99 2018.11.04
Made many adjustments.
Removed from the indicator 2 additional strategies that are no longer relevant in my opinion.
Made more convenient access to the main settings and also, the list of modes is now available from the drop-down list, it is a little more convenient than manual input. Now the indicator is available on MT5.
Version 19.5 2018.10.09
Made levels for setting SL and TP dynamic based on ATR indicator.
New settings for ATR are available: ATR_SL, ATR_TP.
By default, I have already adjusted the settings for dynamic SL and TP.
Version 19.1 2018.06.22
Fixed error, due to which the indicator was not shown on the chart.
Minor fixes in line color changes.
Version 19.0 2017.11.01
In the new scalping strategy, introduced a few changes in visualization of the lines for better viewing.
Added new options for W_MODE and renamed to W_MODE_SET, where you can select from 0 to 10.
Added the ability to hide the signals of the main strategy for timeframes lower than H4.
Version 18.0 2017.08.30
Added a new scalping strategy.
Version 17.5 2017.07.31
Added 3 operation modes, 1 new filter and modified the position of the REVERS strategy object.
The following video describes all updates in details.
Version 17.2 2017.06.12
Urgent update, fixed a bug with calculation of certain lines and separated the REVERS, SVR strategies from the basic strategy.
Version 17.1 2017.05.17
Now, the text_indnt field supports fractions meaning that you can enter 0.1, 0.2 etc. instead of 1, 2... This makes configuring the text indent more convenient.
Version 17.0 2017.04.12
Added the ability to receive signals from another interval on the current one using PERCUR.

Tested and added new SVR strategy, which indicates a trend reversal. Unlike the REVERS strategy.

The REVERS strategy indicates rollbacks within the previous candle.
Version 16.9 2017.03.15
Added a new filter for binary options.
Enable the Binary Option Strategy.
The recommended period for this strategy is M1.
Version 16.8 2017.03.01
Added a new strategy based on candlestick analysis. The indicator signals are generated as *(asterisk), which show a potential reversal.
It is recommended to use it on the H4, D1 timeframes when working with limit orders.
The new REVERS strategy is disabled by default, you can enable it manually.
It is recommended to buy and sell only if the pips exceeds the level or is near to it, as the price often reverses by more than 3 pips at those levels.
Version 16.6 2017.02.10
Improved the indicator performance.
Version 16.5 2017.01.23
Trend filter was working only on the open bar, as the signals with this filter may be slightly delayed, up to 5% of the bar. Therefore, it was necessary to manually enable operation on the open bar. Now there is no need to do that, everything works automatically.
Improved and refined the main signal strategy.
The D1 chart is recommended for working.
Version 16.0 2016.12.30
Fixed minor bugs with text display.
Added new filters to the main strategy.
TrendFilter, these signals will be obtained in the trend, while the price is still able to go in the direction, where it supposedly cannot and you wait for a reversal, constantly going deeper into the drawdown.
ReversTrendFilter, these signals are better used at the weekly/monthly Lows and Highs, at the moments when you wait for a reversal.
It is better to wait for a long time and enter the market 3-5 times a month with confidence, rather than opening endless trades and exposing your deposit to risk.
You should not always wait for the trend to continue. Once you see profit, secure it by moving the positions to breakeven, or close the profitable position and wait for a new moment for entering.
Version 15.0 2016.12.13
Added object for signals (B,S) based on BBands with recommendation for TP. Now it shows recommendations on where to place TakeProfit.
Version 14.5 2016.05.18
Added descriptions to objects.
Fixed the display of stop levels for signals.
Improved the logic of buy signals.
Version 14.1 2016.04.01
Important update! In version 14.0 there was an error that caused indicator to work incorrectly. Please update to version 14.1.
Version 14.0 2016.03.25
Added new filter, MinMaxFilter. The number of false signals on maximums and minimums has been greatly reduced.
Added object descriptions.
Version 13.0 2016.03.03
- Removed the strategy for binary options, as the indicator was initially designed for Forex trading. The B,S strategies can be used for the binary options. I recommend choosing the H4,D1 interval for signals.

- Added ability to select the TF to receive the signals and alerts. The PERCUR(PERIOD_CURRENT) parameter is responsible for this feature, for example, you can select "D1" on the H1 timeframe and works with the signals coming from the D1 on the hourly chart. The text will be displayed on the first candle of the selected timeframe, and the arrow on the last. You will know on which candle the timeframe you selected started and on which it ended. Now it will be much easier to filter the signals, to find more favorable entry points and to know exactly where the signal appeared, while working on a smaller timeframe.

- Added the ability to selectively turn on and off separately: Alert, Push, SendMail.
Version 12.0 2015.12.17
The strategy for the binary options is available again!
Version 11.0 2015.12.15
Added two new strategies BuyStopLvl2, SellStopLvl2. Trade on breakout of these levels, it will bring you extra confidence when technical analysis does not show you the market sentiment.
perLVL - new setting that you can change to ypur liking. Initially, I configured the most convenient options.
Demonstration of updates and examples of opening deals: https://youtu.be/QcRG97Fma24
Version 10.0 2015.11.25
Be sure to upgrade to the new version. It fixes some display bugs. Use the basic Forex strategy for binary options.
Version 9.5 2015.11.04
Improved the accuracy of FOREX SIGNALS!
Added two new filters to the Forex strategy:
UseFutureFilterVOL, UseFilterVOL.
The first filter is predictive, the second one sorts by bar closure. When using the first filter, the signals appear with a delay depending on a situation. Sometimes, they appear when a bar closes.
Version 9.4 2015.11.02
Improved overall performance.
Added digitLvl function to calculate the levels 3/5 digits.
Added the ability to limit the amount of bars (for better performance), you can also select the number of bars to display via the 'step' function.
Version 9.0 2015.10.21
A new strategy for binary options has been added. It suits any time interval, especially efficient on a M1 timeframe.
Version 8.9 2015.10.19
Removed all unnecessary strategies. Only the most relevant ones remain.
Simplified the indicator and its settings.
The version 8.9 does not have a separate strategy for options. It is to be implemented in the version 9.0. I am currently testing it.
Added new levels.
Version 8.5 2015.10.01
BB, BS, D1B, and D1S strategies are replaced with the D1B-2 and D1S-2 ones. I have renamed them to (B and S). You can change their description shown on the chart in the Binary_Signal block.
Added the filters. You can enable the two filters.
The first one (AC, UseFilterAC) is a standard indicator for sorting out the signals opposite to the AC indicator direction.
The second one (UseFilterX) is used for additional confirmation of signals. Please note that this is a lagging filter - signals appear on an open candle. When trading options, it is recommended to buy them at a candle closing.
Make sure to enable Signal_Open_Bar. However, it is reasonable to disable it during backtests. Otherwise, a test takes too much time.
Version 8.4 2015.09.17
Updated D1 Buy and D1 Sell strategies, added another two new strategies for trading on a daily chart D1 Buy 2, D1 Sell 2.
Signals are designated as D1B, D1B-2, D1S, and D1S-2.
Added levels for the installation of an approximate stop loss.
Version 8.3 2015.09.16
Added strategies for binary options. Backtesting was performed on EURUSD M1 but you can try it on other pairs.
Added a strategy for D1, W1, MN charts called (D1Buy,D1Sell). It can be found in the binary options signals block.
Two operation modes are available:
1. Receiving a signal only on a new bar, i.e. when the candle has closed (set Signal_Open_Bar to FALSE).
2. Receiving a signal on any minute. Each mode is efficient in its own way (set Signal_Open_Bar to TRUE).
Version 8.1 2015.09.01
Added a new strategy for binary options.
Restored old naming conventions - BB and BS instead of Call and Put.
Version 8.0 2015.08.17
One strategy for binary option is available. Three previous strategies have been deleted. New strategy substitutes all previous startegies due to its simplicity. I have tested it on EURUSD M15, expiration time is 1 bar. Optimized series of unprofitable signals to multiply the next volume to repair losses and gain profit.
Added ability of sending messages via e-mail.
Version 7.9 2015.07.21
Added new signals: mtb and mts.
The mtb signal (mini trend buy) indicates continuation or beginning of a new trend. The area for placing stop loss is specified below the bar.
The mts signal (mini trend sell) indicates continuation or beginning of a new trend. The area for placing stop loss is specified below the bar.
Also added new signal of reversal to the BUY-4 strategy.
Version 7.8 2015.07.01
I added a new trend strategy.
Added recommendations for exiting from the trend, you can drag stop loss, or use as a beginning of a new trend, but the trend may also continue.
Version 7.7 2015.06.29
Two new strategies have been added:
New_Binary and Buy-6, Sell-6.
The Signal_Open_Bar function must be enabled for the New_Binary strategy.
Version 7.6 2015.06.24
I added a new strategy for trading on the breakdown from the latest current rollback levels. You can combine this level with opposing signals on in the same range as the confirmation for reversal signals.
Above all, do not forget that each pair and TF requires development of a trading strategy and usage of corresponding risk when opening a position.
As always, I continue and will continue to work on improving and developing the product so you will be pleased with my work.
Version 7.5 2015.06.15
Added Sell-5 signals.
Signals from the Bh m15 indicator for binary options with the Binary_Universal_Signal function. That means that you can use them on any TF, but there is a possibility of error to delete them from the chart, if the next candle has not closed in the direction of the signal, so use such filters as MA or Stochastic. Signals show direction of the candle closing in future.
Added signals for CFD(Dax30) with the Dax_cfd function.
Do not use signals EURUSD_H1 and DAX_cfd on other pairs and TF aside from those they have been optimized for!
Moving forward, every pair and TF will have more optimized signals which will save your time for analysis and making a decision.
Version 7.4 2015.06.09
Added a new universal trend signal Buy-5 for scalping.
Added a filter to the signal Buy-4, fewer false signals.
In subsequent versions I will add comments to each signal, when receiving the alert on the chart, the last signal and its explanation will be displayed in the upper left corner.
Now I am working on Sell-5. Soon I will also add optimized signals for CFD (DAX30).
Version 7.3 2015.06.04
Added new strategies to EURUSD_H1 signals.
Added a video with demonstration of the indicator.
Version 7.2 2015.05.29
Added 2 new trend strategies for EURUSD with timeframe H1. These strategies will help to determine the trend in advance. Signals are optimized for this pair and timeframe. Strategies are yet being improved, so they produce few signals, although enough for patient traders. These would be sufficientб however use proper risk and fixed stop levels.
Logic of Buy and Sell signals has been update (1,2,3,4), some filters have been added.
Version 7.1 2015.05.21
Now, when you enable the Signal_open_bar function, signals will not be late. This applies only to binary options signals. It is recommended to enable this function only when using signals specifically for binary options.
Version 7.0 2015.05.18
Updated logic of Buy, Sell 2 and Buy, Sell 4 signals.
Buy, Sell 2 is recommended to be used on H1
Buy, Sell 4 have reversal nature, i.e. signals will indicate reversals, so I advise to use H1 and above.
Version 6.9 2015.05.13
A bug is fixed
Version 6.8 2015.05.08
Added "Signals open bar" parameter - when enabled, signals start to appear even on the open bar, for example, at 00:08. Thanks to this, some signals do not appear without an alert and lag 2 bars behind.
Buy, Sell (1,2,3,4) Signals can now be disabled separately.
Updated signals for binary options. Their amount has been increased several times.
I recommend using them on M5 and M15.
Version 6.7 2015.04.14
Sorted Forex trading signals.
Added a new signal - Buy 4 and Sell 4.
Version 6.6 2015.04.03
Push notifications can be disabled.
Server (terminal) time is now displayed in alerts.
Signals are partially sorted by strategies.
Added a new strategy for EURUSD М5 binary options.
Other signals from previous versions are now available when the signal function for Forex trading is enabled.
Signals for certain symbols and periods can be disabled if available.
New signals for the timeframes higher than M5 for trading binary options are to be added in the next version. Signals for each symbol and timeframe are optimized separately on actual quotes without using history data.
New mid and long-term trading strategies are to be added in the upcoming updates.

If you want to use the indicator only for binary options, then I advise you to open an ECN account on http://wforex.org/
The http://wforex.org/ broker terminal detects about 90 signals per week, while the terminals of other brokers and dealing centers detect only 30-50 ones. Of course, it is impossible to optimize each strategy for each broker and account type, so I hope for your understanding. Differences in quotes may occur very often.

As for regular Forex trading strategies, you can launch the indicator at any broker's terminal.
Version 6.5 2015.03.25
Added Push notifications.
Version 6.4 2015.03.19
Some signals may appear with a delay, they can be used for detecting future trend direction.
For binary options added entry rules at a sound confirmation.
The current version and all the future versions will work on all pairs and on any terminal.
Version 6.1 2015.03.04
Optimized each candle pattern in 2011-2015 time interval.
Less signals, more accuracy.
Since 2011, the accuracy of the signals was not less than 80%.
More signals are to be implemented in version 6.2.
Version 6.0 2015.02.25
Version 6.0 is very different from 5.0. In 5.0, the minimum accuracy of the signal was 70% with the use of complex filters and analytical tools. In 6.0, the signal accuracy is at least 80% over the past half a year without any filters.

The current version is optimized only for EURUSD M5.
You must have an account, 5 digits after the decimal point. Be sure to download the terminal with Roboforex broker, account type - Standart. Different brokers may have different quotes and if you set the indicator to the terminal of another broker, the indicator may stop working properly and provide false signals or not provide them at all!

The work on other optimizations is currently in progress.
In the next update, I will provide more signals. Also, the product is to be optimized for other timeframes and symbols.
If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Version 5.0 2015.01.13
Returned to version 2.3 + Fixed displaying the alerts.
Version 4.8 2015.01.08
Added a filter. It is only the first version with filters.
Fewer signals are produced, the number of false signals decreased by about half.
And do not forget to adjust it for each symbol and period.
Version 4.3 2015.01.05
Version 4.2 2014.12.25
Signal activation logics changed.
Filters are not complete yet, but after the update the number of false signals has decreased by ~50%.
Version 3.0 2014.12.17
- Alert for each signal,
- Ability to change the color of signals
- Ability to change the indentation of signals
- Ability to change font styles,

Fixed errors.
Version 2.3 2014.12.12
- Fixed several bugs.
- Added function "znak4" for 4-digit accounts. Do enable this function if you have a 4-digit account.