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TimeSaver incorporates:

  1. Daily, weekly and monthly pivots. You can have multiple daily pivots going backwards to help you identify days as well as identify important levels hit during them. Dynamic forward projection of tomorrow's pivot till current price movement.
  2. Channels for all timeframes or you can select three of your own choice.
  3. Fibonacci Levels bound to the highs and lows of selected timeframe and channels.
  4. Grid lines to easily identify price movement with selectable colors for 100s, 50s, 80s, and 20s.

All charts will stay automatically updated.

The objective of this indicator is to simply do away with the hassle of manually drawing channels, fibos and pivots. You can simply slap this indicator on, save your favorite settings, and just keep flipping through timeframes without any problem during your analysis.

You may want to reduce the visual density of objects by turning various settings on and off till you are comfortable.

All settings are configurable.

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Version 1.1 - 2015.01.06
1. Added Fibonacci Pivot Type (1=standard and 2=Fibonacci)

2. Removed error where insufficient Bar Data in all the timeframes would cause a hang. Now, a message is printed in the journal and the indicator de-initializes.