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TiModel Trend


  • Adaptability;

  • No input parameters;

  • Predictive models are included in the algorithm;

  • Works on all markets and instruments.

Operation Principle

The indicator is trend following. First, the indicator analyzes instrument's historical data over sliding windows, calculates values of main variables, determines coefficient. Further, it analyses current market situation and confirms previous trend, or gives out a signal of the trend reversal. Scaling coefficients allow to switch to any available timeframe preserving indicator dynamical characteristics. The indicator rapidly responds to any change of the market trend by means of predictive models included in the algorithm. All this offer a trader an indisputable advantage.


Buy when the indicator moves up (blue color), and sell when the indicator moves down (red color).


The indicator works in the static mode and draws lines only when a new bar is being opening.


  • Select the most popular trend pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, EURAUD) when you work with this instrument;

  • In the course of intraday trading, open positions when main world stock exchanges work and volatility is highest;

  • Recommended timeframes: М1, М5, Н1, Н4 и D1;

  • Please use analysis of highest timeframes.

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