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TTZ SD Trading Tool

TTZ SD Trading Tool is the indicator that helps you to easily draw and maintain your supply/demand levels like Sam Seiden. You just locate and draw your own proximal line with supply/demand conditions, the indicator will draw the distal line and supply/demand zone for you. It also provides you with all information about zones, such as price at proximal line and distal line. You can customize the color for each lines and zone. It supports multicharts. You just draw your supply/demand levels at a single main chart, and it draws and maintains all other charts for you.

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Version 2.0 2015.05.05
+ new engine - faster, funnier, clearer...
+ dynamic object management (trendline, horizontal line, rectangle, fibo)
+ color scheme
+ and more...
Version 1.2 2015.01.23
+ added higher timeframe bars.
+ added information to horizontal line (key decision point) when the price touched (in case of first time back = Orders filled) or broke up/down the line (Swapped DP - decision points).
+ save your main template with indicator as TTZ_SD_Trading_Tool and save another template file as TTZ_SD_Trading_Tool2 (in TTZ_SD_Trading_Tool2 set indicator +++ set_indi_as_master = false).
+ now, you can use trend line to draw the zone, horizontal line to draw the decision point or use rectangle to mark the price action zone in the master chart. It will auto-create in the DTF SD curve (or TTZ_SD_Trading_Tools2 template).
Version 1.1 2014.12.19
+ auto adjust sd line time2 to First Time Back point (set_sd_time2_to_lastest =true/false).
+ new chart button