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Complete Pending Orders Grid System

Complete Pending Orders Grid System opens any combinations of Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Sell Limit pending orders and closes all existing pending orders. You just need to drop this script on the chart of a desired currency pair.

Before placing all pending orders, the input window is opened allowing you to modify all input parameters:

  • DeleteAllPendings – if true, then all pending orders (for current currency) will be deleted.
  • BuyStop – if true, BuyStop order is opened.
  • SellStop – if true, SellStop order is opened.
  • BuyLimit – if true, BuyLimit order is opened.
  • SellLimit – if true, SellLimit order is opened.
  • InitLot – initial lot.
  • LotCoeff – if 1, all pending orders will have the same lot size.
  • InitStep – difference between two consecutive orders in points.
  • StepCoeff – step coefficient.
  • NumOfOrders – number of orders.
  • Slippage – allowed slippage.
  • MagicNum – magic number.


  • If DeleteAllPendings=true, the script will be able to delete existing pending orders for the current currency pair only.
  • You have to allow automated trading on the "Expert Advisors" tab (Tools->Options).
Arthur Drakopoulos
2015.03.16 14:08 

Excellent! Love the option of Lot Co-efficient & Step Co-efficient

Version 3.7 - 2014.12.09
The version 3.7 is the same as 3.5 but with StopLoss.