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Scalper DSS

Double Smoothed Stochastics - modified DSS Bressert indicator with alert. You can use it on any timeframe. M1 and M5 charts are recommended for scalping, while higher timeframes are used for daytrading.

Default settings give a very good result, but the parameters can be modified according to personal preference. It is important that you determine the trend before trading, and open trade in the correct trend direction only.

Double Smoothed Stochastics - DSS Bressert is an oscillator, which was presented by William Blau and Walter Bressert briefly in two slightly different versions in succession. The calculation of DSS Bressert values is similar to Stochastic indicator, the difference is in the use of double exponential smoothing. The advantage over the classical Stochastic oscillators is the speed in response to price changes in a still very uniform flow pattern. Furthermore, the extreme zones on the other end of the scale are achieved even in strong trending quite often resulting in many trend compliant signals. Double Smoothed Stochastics - DSS Bressert values are the same as for Stochastic - the values above 80 indicate the overbought state of the market, the values below 20 indicate the oversold market state.

michelcnrd 2016.05.07 20:48 

ne croyez pas ce qu'on vous dit!!!

Bianca Seara
Bianca Seara 2016.03.16 13:42 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

wetedy2015 2015.04.23 14:05 

Great indicator, it really helps me a lot in my trading, thank you

biomaurone 2015.04.16 20:17 

Just thank you...

Alexandru.Beje 2015.04.14 15:41 

Very good tool but of course you have to use your head also and know when to accept a signal. Anyway it is very helpful. The support is quick and excellent.

kazanti_211 2015.04.14 11:09   

Сигналы очень сильно запаздывают, на любых таймфреймах. Одна из 4 сделок прибыльные.

kektis 2015.03.22 16:20 

Really good! One of my favourite indicator.

4xplosion 2015.02.28 06:44 

I have to say, I'm very impressed with this indicator and would urge any serious trader to add it to their arsenal and the support is phenomenal....after 10 years of trading I have to rank this one in my top ten!

Tobias Grosse
Tobias Grosse 2015.02.11 16:01 

DSS Scalper is a perfect tool. I use level 11/89 for oversold/overbought in TF M1 and M5. Every trade becomes a winner. Thank you!!

Version 1.11 2015.05.05
Added email notifications.
When a signal appears, the indicator sends an email and notification (if alertsOn=true).
Of course, you must configure email and notifications in MT4 options.
Version 1.10 2015.01.06
New settings for better results.