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This indicator is a "Scales" between the two forces that acting on the price. It simultaneously measures the relative force of buyers represented by the blue histogram and the relative force of sellers represented by the pink histogram. So at each moment you can see, which force is dominant on the price movement allowing you to follow the "good side".

One most important thing about this indicator is that its behavior is close to the golden levels (0.618 , 1.618 , 2.618...).

Equilibrium (between the two opposites forces): It is when the indicator moves very close to value 1.0. That means that the price is moving in a horizontal wave.

The imbalance between the two forces acting on the price is when their values are moving away from the equilibrium value (1) in both directions.

Levels of overbought and oversold:

  • When the blue histogram goes below the level 0.618 (or 0.382 is very significant), then the price is in oversold zone.
  • When the pink histogram passes below the level 0.618 (or 0.382 is very significant), then the price is in the overbought zone.

Note: The variation of the forces is the key to the whole system, and from this point comes the importance of the second indicator made especially to follow the variation of these forces. I have called it "FORCES-VARIATION". It is the indicator with red curve and green histogram on the video.

More details about this system:


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Version 2.0 2015.07.09
The only change in this version is to represent the relative strength of a curve instead of a histogram for best comparison