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Reversal Informer

If it would be just a classic candlestick pattern, it would generate much more false signals. The most important filter is the candle itself. The strengths of the candle is adjustable! All important ratios of the candle are adjustable, the wicks will be ignored. The ratio-calculation for the candle is based on the ATR-value (default is 20, it's also adjustable). The confirmation-candle needs to run at least a value of X% of ATR20-value (ATR20-value from current timeframe) If you like to set a trend filter (ma, pivot, kijun-sen), choose the value and the direction => with the trend or against the trend => signals in both directions are possible. When the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won't disappear (no repaint).

Features: alert, send email, push notification, screenshot, 2 alert-sessions (from - to), test-modus (use a second ind. and set test_mode true, it will move the arrows and change the colors => perfekt to compare different settings).

2015.01.28 19:41 


Bought your indi yesterday. Playing with the setting today.trying it on binary options .So far so good. It would great to make setting more tidy it is all over the place .If you coiuld make it simple I mean really simple that would be great for non traders amatuers...) Otherwise good work keep it up

Jean-Sebastien Laurent
2014.12.08 19:23 

Thank you to Claus, for this professional indicator, an indicator did seriously and well though. Some tools in the reversal indicator to use it easily with a .pdf given by the author.

Signals are almost accurate and the possibilities to modify it with trend or not are possible. Too, support from Claus, is top ! :)

Version 16.2 - 2016.02.29
Trend - function added
- appears only within the trend
Version 15.8 - 2015.08.28
additional Price Info in:

- Alert
- Email
- Notification
- Screenshot

Bid and Ask of the signal will be send now
Version 15.4 - 2015.04.20
Version 15.4 - 2015.04.20
What's new:

- Removed pivot-filter-funktion because it does not work in live conditions
- confirm-candle: on / off - switch
WARNING: without the confirm-candle, it is not a reversal pattern anymore!
Version 14.2 - 2014.12.02
What's new:
- should work with all brokers
- indicator runs on all timeframes without stopping
- signal sessions can be adjusted with hours and minutes
- two additional, adjustable moving averages as trend filters
- infos are disabled and come in a separate indicator, see my homepage