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Penguin High Low

Penguin High Low

The Penguin_High-Low Expert Advisor calculates the highs and lows of a currency pair volatility. It opens BUY trades if the price has gone below the calculated Low level, opens SELL trades if the price has gone above the High level. After a deal is opened, the blocks are activated to track the state of the deal. If necessary, it can open additional trades in trend direction or set a close stop loss if there are any signs of trend change. The EA automatically closes orders if the trend sharply changes or closes all trades of a currency pair in case of a total profit - "Target_Average". The EA uses several strategies, depending on the market state - scalping or short-term trading.

It can trade on different timeframes, from М5 to Н4. It is set up for working with a 5-digit broker.


  • Auto_Invest = True - auto investment of lot.
  • Deposit = 3000 - initial deposit for reinvestment calculation.
  • Calculation_High = 37 - the number of bars for calculating the highest price value.
  • Calculation_Low = 37  - the number of bars for calculating the lowest price value.
  • Filter_Period_MFI = 12 - MFI indicator period for filtering signals.
  • Lots = 0.1 - lot.
  • Start_Tralling = 140 - total profit to enable trailing stop.
  • TrailingStop = 140 - value for placing the trailing stop.
  • Target_Average = 300 - total profit for averaging deals.
  • Step_decrease_Average = 50 - Target_Average decrease step depending on the quality of trades.
  • Volume_pricing = 4 - Quality of signal filtration.
  • MagicNumber = 2305646- order ID number.
  • Step_additions = 100 - step for a series of additional orders.
Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.05.04 19:19 

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Version 2.0 - 2014.11.21
- Added initial Stop Loss.
- No additional orders (martingale).
- Added an option for enabling trading on Friday and closing all deals on Friday.