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Simple Trade

The Simple Trade technical indicator has been developed by a group of traders for their own convenience.

The indicator is calculated based on complex algorithms, due to which it can give trend-following signals with a probability of 75%-80%.

It uses the following data for calculations:

  1. Volatility.
  2. The overall price direction on small timeframes.
  3. Average deviation.
  4. The average price for a certain period.

The best timeframe is 4 hours.

The indicator also sets entry labels on the chart, which are not redrawn. It displays a buy or sell recommendation on the screen, as well as the price, at which the indicator gave the previous recommendation before a new recommendation appeared.

The rest is shown on the screenshots.

Indicator Inputs

The indicator uses default parameters which cannot be changed, since the meaning of the indicator is lost with other parameters.



Use the trend line to filter its signals. Trade only with the trend.

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