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Pusher is a modern signal indicator designed for finding the optimal position entry. The indicator determines the place where very strong factors start moving the price, usually after that the market cannot immediately stop.

This is an indispensable indicator for use in trading systems and is better than many other known tools. Pusher is based on truly global patterns of the market. Pusher based systems maintain the ability to profit from future quotes. Due to specific indicator features you can use it not only as a scalping tool, but also for opening long positions.

The Pusher signal indicator finds explosive movements in the past and compares them with the current ones. Indicator settings allow to reveal the true movements of any currency pair, stock or any other liquid instrument.

By purchasing this indicator, you get the opportunity to enjoy all the trading systems and Expert Advisors on their basis.

Trading systems using the indicator:

  • After a bar is closed, the indicator's values do not change (does not repaint).
  • Works on all symbols and timeframes.
  • Does not load the computer (optimized code).


  • Period - number of bars to measure the movement strength, can range from 1 to 9999.
  • Range - number of history bars for the analysis of the previous movements, can range from 1 to 90 000 000.
  • Mode - analysis method, can range from 0 to 2. Up + Dn(0) - analyzes all candles, Normal(1) - analyzes candles of the same direction as the signal, Reverse(2) - analyzes candles of the opposite direction.
  • Draw - signal drawing method, any direction can be disabled.
  • Alert_ - enable indicator notifications.
  • Alert_Print - enable printing to log.
  • Alert_Sound - enable a sound alert when a signal appears.
  • Alert_EMail - enable email notification.
  • Alert_Mobile - enable notification to mobile devices.
Evgenij Golovan
2016.11.25 07:30 

Приобрёл индикатор на основе "аренды". Что можно сказать - ОЧЕНЬ много ложных сигналов. На момент пока свеча не закрыта, может происходить перересовка на протяжении всего времени. По сути - просто показывает предыдущий сильный бар за текущим (ещё не закрытым).

Joachim Reichelmann
2016.06.30 06:59 

It is a good indicator for momentum...

Alexsandr Putilov
2015.07.10 09:25   

Сегодня арендовал Ваш индикатор, пока рад всему ,очень надеюсь что и в дальнейшем радость с морды не слезет. Далее в планах приобретение продукта... Оценка 5

nadya_savchenko Savchenko
2014.11.12 22:48 

Лучшее из того, что встречала для форекс. Индикатор значительно улучшил мою МТС. Cпасибо автору за оперативный саппорт.

Version 1.9 - 2016.05.16
Extended the indicator signal notification menu. Now the notification options can be selected separately.
Version 1.8 - 2016.05.06
Added messages to mobile terminals.
Version 1.7 - 2016.02.12
Sound notifications are no longer generates twice on a single bar.
Version 1.5 - 2016.01.29
Added alert.
Version 1.4 - 2014.11.10
Fixed error that occurred when setting big values for Period parameter.