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RJ Hulk 3

This indicator estimates price acceleration from SMA. Signals are generated at sudden changes in price speed and plotted in different color (Blue => buy, Red=>sell). The idea is that after such situation price will move in the new direction for a while.

The indicator can be used with any broker. It adjusts automatically to 4 or 5 digits. It uses the timeframe and pair of the current chart. As a rule, signals should be confirmed by other methods to avoid wrong entries.

Indicator is used in RJC Hulk V12 EA, which can be monitored at RJSurfer FxOpen (GBPUSD y USDJPY), RJC Hulk V12 RF


The indicator can be used for manual or automated trading within an Expert Advisor. For automated trading, exposes the following buffers:

  1. Buffer 0—SMA value, i.e. main line of the indicator.
  2. Buffer 1—Blue dot, indicating possible buy entry (must not be equal to EMPTY_VALUE).
  3. Buffer 2—Red dot indicating possible sell entry (must not be equal to EMPTY_VALUE).
  4. Buffer 3—Signal buffer, not plotted. (+1 buy signal, -1 sell signal, 0 no signal).
  5. Buffer 4—SMA speed.
  6. Buffer 5—SMA acceleration.


  1. TrendPeriod—Smoothing period for SMA.
  2. MAShift—Threshold value for SMA speed.
  3. Price—Price applied (one of the possible ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE constant).
  4. BothDirs—Boolean, if true speed should be over MAShift in both directions, if false only in the new one.
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