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Trum Amazing Bar Chart


This is a very simple indicator and easy to use for everyone. However, it's very visual, useful and effective. It is suitable for every Forex symbol and any timeframe. But from my testing and investigation, I do not recommend to use it with timeframes M1 and M5. For the first time you use this indicator, please use Line Chart.

How it works?

  • Uptrend—When color of the bar is Green.
  • Downtrend—When color of the bar is Orange.
  • A reversal happens if color of the bar changed.

Recommendations on usage

  • Buy in the Uptrend and the high of the bar are approximately the same ( Green Color).
  • Sell in the Downtrend and the high of the bar are approximately the same ( Orange Color).
  • Avoid entering the market when a reversal have just happened, consider 2 or 3 bar continuous.

Input parameters

  • BarWidth = 1
  • CandleWidth = 3

This is default width of the bar. It is no need to change these until you zoom the chart for larger size of bar.

You can also change the color of bar in Uptrend and Downtrend if you want.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 07:03 

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