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All in One Number

All in One Number (AION) indicator is a simple to use, yet complex in design indicator.

AION generates a +/-1 based on a combination of 13 different indicators and market conditions. AION gains a +1 from a buy signal or an up trend and a -1 from a sell signal or a down trend. These numbers are combined to produce a single number that shows market strength and direction.

The indicators and market conditions used in AION:

  • Up/Down bar
  • Stochastic crossing
  • CCI >/< 0
  • SAR increasing/decreasing
  • RSI >/< 50
  • Bulls/Bears increasing/decreasing
  • ADX Plus above/below Minus
  • DeMarker >/< 50
  • Force >/< 0
  • MACD Main >/< Signal
  • Increasing/decreasing time frames 15min/30min/1H
  • Higher/Lower Highs
  • Lower/Higher Lows

Hope you like the indicator, leave feedback on how AION can be improved and I'll update it to new version. Good luck and happy trading.

DISCLAIMER – The Forex is unstable and can change direction at any time and for any reason. I, Patrick Cofflin, do not take responsibility for any loses you may incur while trading real money on the Forex using the AION indicator. Trade using the AION indicator at your own risk.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 07:34 

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