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Prototype 4 AUTO

This product requires no settings. Simply drag it on the chart, and it will start working. Contains optimized settings for popular currency pairs and M15 timeframe: EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, EURJPY, NZDUSD, USDCHF. For other currency pairs and periods, the default settingы of the Prototype 4 EA will be used.

Prototype 4 AUTO is an optimized version of the Prototype 4 Expert Advisor. Detailed description of Prototype 4 with all settings can be found here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/6088.

Built-in optimized settings

The EA is optimized on all the above pairs on M15 timeframe. Optimization is performed as follows:

  1. Optimization period of 5 years is set for a pair beginning from the current date (example: suppose that today is 10.10.2014. The optimization period is 10.10.2009-10.10.2014).
  2. High risk level is set in the parameters.
  3. The maximum spread is set in the strategy tester parameters.
  4. Optimization by all parameters is performed.
  5. After obtaining the results, the optimization period is increased up to 6 years (in our example, it is 10.10.2008-10.10.2014).
  6. The best result is selected.
  7. Decrease risk level and spread back to normal ones, check and enter the values to the program.

Thus, the optimized parameters are checked on the period they have not been optimized at (virtual forward test). Also, there is spread margin (since the test is performed on the maximum possible spread for the pair) and risk level margin (since high risk level is used).

Expert Advisor Features

  1. You can use several Prototype 4 AUTO EAs on a single account. Place each of them on the appropriate currency chart. The Expert Advisors will not interfere with each other.
  2. 3,000 USD are recommended per pair with the minimum lot of 0.01 (or 3,000 cents on a cent account with the lot of 0.01). If several EAs are to be launched on a single account, it is recommended that you set kRisk to 1 (the minimum risk). For example, suppose that the EA is set on 7 pairs. Hence, we need 7*3,000=21,000 USD and kRisk=1).
  3. Choose a broker with a minimum spread. The EA features spread control. If the spread value does not correspond to the required one, a warning message appears and trading is disabled.

Caution: The positive results in the past do not guarantee profit in the future.


  • kRisk - You can change the EA's risk level by setting one of the following values:
    • low — Low risk
    • normal — Normal risk (by default)
    • high — High risk
  • MagicNumber - A unique number for opening orders.
  • ResetFiles - Reset the EA parameters. Resetting the current lot, required profit and other parameters.
  • Comment - Add/change the comment of order.
Carlos Moreno
2016.08.18 09:55 

An extremely smart EA. Small and continuous profit. What I love is its "human" approach: it follows the Martingale principle, but if the trade goes too bad against you the EA simply closes the trade in loss, and let go before it's too late. Later on it tries to recover by opening a higher lot size, but this time it might be in the direction of the trend. It simply accepts the loss, and tries to catch up when a better situation arrives. Needs almost nothing to adjust, just your level of risk. Very recommendable if you wanna avoid the stress inherent to a Martingale strategy.

Giulio Franceschini
2016.06.22 15:29 

Un EA fatto con intelligenza , piccoli profitti ma costanti e numerosi , DDown controllato con saggezza . Grazie Sergey

2016.05.19 20:05 

For 2 months with 3000 USC is the result 3115 USC. Survives every forex news, support from autor is well. In long term we will see, tests are fine. It is profitable pretty well.

Do not forget. EA is set good enough. Forex itself can be deadly.

2016.04.09 22:54 

Михаил, сделайте лучше, а так получается ваш отзыв ни о чем))

Evgeny Vlasov
2015.10.25 06:35 

Отличный робот, просто ставишь на график и он делает все сам, не требует много внимания, не нужно проводить никакой оптимизации, это сделают за вас, отличный робот для начинающих и профессионалов!!!

25.10.2015 Обращаюсь к отзыву ниже Mikhail paramuzov: Сначала читай рекомендации к советнику, а именно мин депозит на одну валютную пару от 3000 usd при лоте 0.01, а потом уже пиши отзывы.

Ognyan Ivanov
2015.09.01 12:56 

Very good EA. Small, but continuous provit. Thank you Sergey.

Alexander Konyukhov
2014.10.29 23:38   

Советник довольно интересный , подход к торговли тоже . Ставьте минимальные риски и будет у вас стабильный советник с постоянной прибылью , пусть даже небольшая прибыль

Version 16.10 - 2016.10.28
Fixed a bug where the EA did not work on accounts with an unlimited number of orders.
Version 16.7 - 2016.08.03
Added the Comment parameter to change the comment of the EA.
Version 15.34 - 2015.04.01
Fixed the "jumping" GMTOfset on some servers
Version 15.33 - 2015.03.31
Changed the default value for ManualGMTOffset=3 (for summer time)
Version 15.32 - 2015.03.16
1. Added a comment to the order
Version 15.31 - 2015.03.03
Fixed bug in version 15.21 when calculating NeedProfit (rounded value to integer)
Version 15.21 - 2015.02.26
1. Fixed incompatibility with some brokers.
2. The updated calculation of the lot, with a shortage of money.
3. Shifted to the information window to the right.
Version 14.112 - 2014.12.02
Improved security module.
Version 14.111 - 2014.11.20
1. Updated settings for GBPUSD
2. Change the settings for NZDUSD
Version 14.110 - 2014.11.10
1. Increased speed in the strategy tester
2. Fixed error occurring when working with certain brokers
3. Improved error handling
4. Added ability to work with ECN servers
5. Updated symbol settings
Version 14.102 - 2014.10.22
1. Added settings for USDCHF
2. Increased allowable spread for NZDUSD to 3.7