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MEGA Correlator

MEGA Correlator allows you to monitor the speed and strength at which your favorite currency pairs are moving.

From the moment you load the expert it will open up virtual positions on all available currency pairs, and it will measure and display the directions they are moving as well as the difference in value between these currency pairs.

It will also show you which pairs are moving the fastest and displays the leading pair in the control panel symbol window.

And it does this all in one single chart window.

Not only this because by clicking the MEGA Volume tab on the control panel you will be presented the volumes traded as well as the amount of ticks.

MEGA Correlator does this all by displaying the data in an animated bar style which is updated every tick and if you want to start over you just need to reload the expert from the Navigator Panel.

There are several buttons on the control panel that allows you to control the animation and the amount of symbols displayed.

There is also a window that displays the fastest moving or leading currency pair, and by clicking this window it will immediately open up a chart so you can see what is going on.

Thomas Laugeman
Thomas Laugeman 2016.01.25 00:28 

Best EA I ever bought! Awsome tool to see wich pair is moving! makes me ton of money! thanks, Bedankt Marco!