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Z Panel

A simple, intuitive scalping assistant - Z Panel.


  • Quick order placing, closing of all orders or BUY and SELL orders separately, setting breakeven by pressing a button.
  • Automatic calculation of the three levels of the lot size, depending on the available funds on the account.
  • Displays the breakeven level.
  • Can be located in any place on the chart.
  • It is recommended to use on ECN accounts.


  • Risk of Button1 — risk amount as a percentage to set the lot size on the buttons of the first column.
  • Risk of Button2 — risk amount as a percentage to set the lot size on the buttons of the second column.
  • Risk of Button3 — risk amount as a percentage to set the lot size on the buttons of the third column.
  • BreakEven — breakeven in points.
  • Slippage — slippage in points.


  • Set the required trading parameters in the settings.
  • Place the plate in a convenient location in the window. To do this, check the Move Panel option, click on the top left rectangle. Hold down the mouse button and move the panel to the right place. To prevent accidental move of the panel, uncheck the option.
  • The top row of blue buttons — open BUY orders with an appropriate volume.
  • The bottom row of red buttons — open SELL orders with an appropriate volume.
  • Light blue button — close all BUY orders.
  • Orange button — close all SELL orders.
  • A gray button "Close All" — close all orders.
  • Green — set breakeven at the specified level.
  • The top line shows: symbol name, the total profit, in brackets — separately BUY and SELL, and the current spread.
Happy Mans World
2015.01.29 10:20 

Very helpful, smart and effective product ... and the developer is very professional and helpful. I wish all the best and to continue the success.

Version 1.2 - 2014.11.10
1. Fixed placing SL and TP according to the specified values and the Stop Level of the used symbol.
2. Added ability to change panel settings directly during the operation without opening the EA parameter window.
3. Added highlighting open orders complemented by profit and order direction data (colors: red - SELL, blue - BUY), as well as closing an order by clicking a direction square.
Version 1.1 - 2014.10.20
Added Stop Loss and Take Profit.