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This is a simple but functional Moving Average Cross Alert, just set the parameters for both moving averages and when they cross or are equal you will get an alert. If you configure your terminal to send emails or notifications, the indicator will send you an alert by mail or notification.

  • You can set the number of iterations for your alerts on the platform and the interval between the alerts.
  • You can use Simple, Exponential, Smoothed or Linear Weighted moving averages.
  • You can apply any type of price (Close, Average, Typical, Weighted Close, etc.).
  • You can shift the moving average.
  • You can choose to get alerts from closed candles or active candles.
  • You decide whether to plot or not the averages.

Once you notice the alert can press a button on your screen and will stop the iterations for the alerts.

If you want to get alerts when the price cross a Moving Average just set: Simple MA of 1 period with no plot for the first Moving Average, and for the second set your desired moving average configuration.

If you want more advanced alert please consider the MultiCrossAlert Indicator.

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