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Automated Actual SR for USDJPY

A2SR Leading Indicator - version USDJPY

Automated Actual Support & Resistance - No Lagging, No Repaint.

The market is something extraordinary. Something extraordinary requires a unique approach. Trading on the market is not easy, and more than 90% of traders fail. If one wants to succeed, they must find a special way of dealing with the ever changing situation on the market. Using A2SR could provide that way. In this world, nothing is too simple, especially predicting the market behavior. Trading always entails risks. So, start learning how A2SR works and leave the old ordinary ways of trading. Start selling from wave-top, and buying from wave-bottom. This is the first best opportunity before many traders who use lagging indicators realize that the trend has changed.

This indicator is mostly needed by:

  1. Professional traders who are tired of charting to find Support/Resistance before making a trading plan.
  2. Traders who do not want to get stuck into the thousands of combinations of indicators, which are actually lagging and repainting, and understand it's time now want to prevent floating. 
  3. Traders who need to recover their account.

This is a leading indicator that shows each level of future Support/Resistance before the price reaches those levels.

With A2SR, that automatically figures out real time Support and Resistance, and you will always have plenty of time to study the current market sentiment to make a Swing trade within a week. This indicator is suitable for a medium-term, long-term and even intraday trading.

Each line below the current price is Support, and each line above the current price is Resistance.

Regardless of the used timeframe, A2SR always shows  higher levels of Support and Resistance.

A2SR has a feature for creating a trend wave on each S/R levels.

Basically, the price will rise from Support and fall from Resistance. Keep in mind that the price will rise suddenly after it reaches Support level, and price will suddenly fall after reaching Resistance level. Most effective strategy for A2SR is placing a Buy Limit pending order on strong Support, and Sell Limit on strong Resistance. 

Start selling from wave-top, and buying from wave-bottom. With A2SR, you will be able to manage risk better as A2SR gives an advantage before the traders who use lagging indicators  and are late to realize that the trend has changed.

Further details can be foundd in the Comments and User Guide.

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