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Автоматически отправляйте уведомления в ICQ New о торговых событиях (открытие/закрытие рыночных и отложенных ордеров, изменение СЛ и ТП ) на вашем счёте.

Вы можете оперативно контролировать в реальном времени что у вас происходит на счете и делиться с другими своей торговлей, пригласив в заранее созданную группу или канал.

Важно: В меню Терминала: "Сервис" - "Настройки" - "Советники" - "Разрешить WebRequest" для следующего сервера: api.icq.net 


  • Bot Token - токен Вашего бота. (читайте ниже, как его получить)
  • Chat ID - ID канала или чата, в который бот будет отправлять сообщения (читайте ниже, как его получить)
  • Forbidden symbols - список инструментов, по которым не нужно отправлять уведомления
  • Removing suffix - удаление суффикса у инструментов если таковые имеются

    Создание бота ICQ:

    1. Найдите бота @metabot в ICQ
    2. Напишите ему /newbot
    3. Задайте имя для своего бота. Оно должно заканчиваться на bot. Например, MyICQSignalBot
    4. В ответ вы получите данные вашего созданного бота. Необходимо запомнить строчку после "token:". Это и есть Bot Token, который надо ввести в настройках.
    5. Отправьте @metabot сообщение /setjoingroups для возможности добавления Вашего бота в канал или группу
    6. Добавьте бота в Ваш список контактов и запустите его - /start

      Получение Chat ID, в который бот будет отправлять сообщения:

      1. Добавьте ваш бот в нужный канал или группу.
      2. Предоставьте боту права администратора, чтобы он мог писать в чат
      3. Нажмите на значок i - информация справа вверху чата, скопируйте ссылку и возьмите из нее последнее. Например из ссылки такого вида: https : // icq.im / AoLGhskNGhIFMIwmxBo, нужно взять  AoLGhskNGhIFMIwmxBo. Это и будет ваш Chat ID, который нужно ввести в настройки советника.

        Reviews 1
        David Demurchian
        David Demurchian 2021.06.15 12:22 

        Отличная программа! Полностью выполняет заявленный функционал, можно делиться информацией в автоматическом режиме. Спасибо!

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        MarketProfile EForex
        Veridiana Adorno Kendrick
        Market Profile Shows where the price has spent more time, highlighting important levels that can be used in trading. It is a powerful tool which is designed to take the fundamental components which comprise every market; price/volume/time, and visually display their relationship in real-time as the market develops for a pre-determined time period. Very powerful tool!
        30 USD
        Market Profile 3
        Hussien Abdeltwab Hussien Ryad
        3.67 (3)
        Market Profile 3 MetaTrader 4 indicator  — is a classic Market Profile implementation that can show the price density over time, outlining the most important price levels, value area, and control value of a given trading session. This indicator can be attached to timeframes between M1 and D1 and will show the Market Profile for daily, weekly, monthly, or even intraday sessions. Lower timeframes offer higher precision. Higher timeframes are recommended for better visibility. It is also possible t
        Dollar Mint Indicator
        David Mwaniki Mbugua
        Dollar mint indicator is a special workmanship with years of experience in forex.   Dollar mint ea is a fully non repaint indicator optimised with price action data such that once it gives you a signal t . The indicator   can be used to trade anything on the mt4 with much ease. Benefits ; Fully non repaint Use in any timeframe Use in all the available tradable assets on mt4 Best to use on h4. It generates fully analysed buy and sell signals based on trend and also filters out retracement
        38 USD
        VR Cub
        Vladimir Pastushak
        VR Cub is an indicator for getting high-quality entry points. The indicator was developed to facilitate mathematical calculations and simplify the search for entry points into a position. The trading strategy for which the indicator was written has been proving its effectiveness for many years. The simplicity of the trading strategy is its great advantage, which allows even novice traders to successfully trade with it. VR Cub calculates position opening points and Take Profit and Stop Loss targe
        49 USD
        The indicator builds current quotes, which can be compared with historical ones and on this basis make a price movement forecast. The indicator has a text field for quick navigation to the desired date. Options: Symbol - selection of the symbol that the indicator will display; SymbolPeriod - selection of the period from which the indicator will take data; IndicatorColor - indicator color; Inverse - true reverses quotes, false - original view; Next are the settings of the te
        55 USD
        Simply The Best Pro
        Szymon Palczynski
        5 (1)
        This indicator displays the histogram and arrows on chart. When Simple The Best Pro are placed on a chart, they identify the trend.  The color of may be blue or red. The blue color stands for upside moves and the red color stands for downside trends. The indicator offers to set Stop Loss (SL) and  Take Profit (TP)  setting. The default value is ATR. Indicator has automatic optimization. The STB is a unique indicator that shows the tendency (button Bars) of a particular signals. The STB tells us
        78 USD
        Sergey Kruglov
        Утилита  TSim   позволяет симулировать ручную торговлю в Тестере Стратегий MetaTrader 4. В панеле можно устанавливать размеры лота, тейпрофита и стоплосса. Панель имеет кнопки Sell   и Buy для выставления рыночных ордеров, а также кнопки CloseSell, CloseBuy и CloseAll для быстрого закрытия ордеров. Под панелью отображается список открытых ордеров. Внимание. Панель работает только в Визуальном режиме Тестера Стратегий MetaTrader 4.
        Close by percentage MT4
        Konstantin Kulikov
        4.83 (6)
        Hello friends. I wrote this utility specifically for use in my profile with a large number of Expert Advisors and sets ("Joint_profiles_from_grid_sets" https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747929 ). Now, in order to limit losses on the account, there is no need to change the "Close_positions_at_percentage_of_loss" parameter on each chart. Just open one additional chart, attach this utility and set the desired percentage for closing all trades on the account. The utility has the following function
        The indicator allows you to trade binary options. The recommended time frame is М1 and the expiration time is 1,2,3 minutes. The indicator suitable for auto and manual trading. A possible signal is specified as a arrows above/under a candle. You should wait until the candle closes! Arrows are not re-painted Trade sessions: TOKYO section (Half-end) Currency pairs: USD/JPY Working time frame: M1 Expiration time: 1,2,3 minutes. The indicator also shows good results when using the martingale strateg
        Displays the local time with the time difference you set. (It does not correspond to the time difference in 30-minute increments.) It also displays a price line with a good price, such as 100.000 .100 or .200. The standard gridlines are displayed with the time and price by MT4, but they are very confusing as they become the broker's time and are displayed at the halfway point along with the price. It hides them and displays gridlines at user-defined time differences and prices in easy-to-und
        30 USD
        Multicurrency indicator in table format. Signals appear with confirmation, do not redraw. The indicator works on the current (open) timeframe. Notifications come for an open instrument. The strategy includes: price touching the moving average in the direction of the trend, as well as an extraordinary recalculation of the classic ADX indicator to determine the trend as an additional filtering of entries. Entries are displayed on the chart as arrows and, as mentioned above, the arrows are not redr
        30 USD
        Hao Liu
        5 (3)
        TradeMirror is a trade copier EA for MT4/MT5 platform. Why TradeMirror We understand the importance of security, stability and privacy for financial software, so we've gone the extra mile to harden these three elements in detail: Provides a user-friendly graphical interface that is easy to operate Focus on privacy and security, suitable for various financial scenarios with privacy requirements for order distribution Precise replication of orders, millisecond distribution Support full platform,
        150 USD
        Game Snake
        Andrei Sokolov
        1 (1)
        The new version of the game "Snake". Added setting for the distance of the target (vertical + horizontal), which greatly enlivens the game. The snake moves in the background, along the grid layout. Control: Ctrl - pause, W - up, A - left, S - down, D - right. In the input parameters, you can set the time in milliseconds between movements. The snake increases by one division upon reaching the goal, and so on, until it occupies the entire field. The comment displays the size of the
        Magic Volumes
        Marco vd Heijden
        This is the first out of a series of two indicators from the magic series. This indicator is  Magic Volumes , this is the  Indicator at the Bottom  in the screenshot. The indicator plots up to 30 instruments and visualizes events like: Time, Start, End and Duration of the events. Levels of activity in the form of Tick Volumes. Patterns. Time Cycles. What normally remains hidden between charts, will now be revealed in the blink of an eye. The need of an economic calendar becomes obsolete, simply
        30 USD
        Blahtech Supply Demand
        Blahtech Limited
        4.63 (35)
        Was: $299  Now: $99   Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones. Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings
        99 USD
        IceFX VelocityMeter
        Norbert Mereg
        4 (5)
        IceFX VelocityMeter is a very unique indicator on MetaTrader 4 platform which measures the speed of the forex market. It's not a normal volume or other measurement indicator because IceFX VelocityMeter is capable to understand market speed movements which are hidden in ticks and those valuable information cannot be read in an ordinary way from the candles. The software monitors the received ticks (frequency, magnitude of change) within a specified time range, analyzes these info and defines, dis
        BoxInside MT4
        Evgeny Shevtsov
        4.56 (9)
        This indicator calculates the volume profile and places labels that correspond to the VAH, VAL and POC levels, for each candle individually. Indicator operation features The indicator works on the timeframes from M5 to MN, but it uses the history data of smaller periods: M1 - for periods from M5 to H1, M5 - for the H4 period, M30 - for the D1 period, H4 - for the W1 period, D1 - for the MN period. The color and location of the VAL, VAH and POC labels on the current candle are considered to be
        Cumulative Delta MT4
        Evgeny Shevtsov
        4.69 (35)
        The indicator analyzes the volume scale and splits it into two components - seller volumes and buyer volumes, and also calculates the delta and cumulative delta. The indicator does not flicker or redraw, its calculation and plotting are performed fairly quickly, while using the data from the smaller (relative to the current) periods. The indicator operation modes can be switched using the Mode input variable: Buy - display only the buyer volumes. Sell - display only the seller volumes. BuySell -
        Real-time spread tracking and monitoring software Displays spread values in form of histograms on current timeframe of chart Convenient for analyzing spread changes, as well as for comparing trading conditions of different brokers By placing on desired chart, the spread changes at different trading times are displayed Additionally Fully customizable Works on any instrument Works with any broker
        UPD1 Murrey Math Levels
        Vitaliy Kuznetsov
        5 (7)
        Murray's mathematical levels are based on observations by Gann and his theory of the squareness of prices. According to Gann, the price moves in 1/8 of the range. These 1/8 allow us to get different resistance and support levels for a given chart, which have their own characteristics. After a breakout of -2 or +2 levels, or with a decrease in volatility, they are rebuilt. You can choose which period to display (current or entire history). All lines are drawn through buffers. Blog-Link -   Murrey
        IceFX TickInfo
        Norbert Mereg
        3 (2)
        This is a unique tick chart indicator for MetaTrader 4 platform. The software is capable to graphically display the last 100 ticks and in addition to that it displays the current spread, bid / ask and time values ​​in an elegant IceFX style dashboard. The indicator is an efficient tool for traders using M5 or even M1 timeframe. Indicator parameters: Corner - corner of panel CornerXOffset - horizontal offset from the corner CornerYOffset - vertical offset from the corner ChartType - type of cha
        Trend Ray
        Andriy Sydoruk
        The indicator shows the potential trend direction by cyclical-wave dependence. Thus, all the rays of the intersection will be optimal rays, in the direction of which the price is expected to move, taking into account the indicator period. Rays can be used as a direction for potential market movement. But we must not forget that the approach must be comprehensive, the indicator signals require additional information to enter the market.
        59 USD
        КopirFIFO — копировщик нетто-позиций для терминалов МТ4. Копировщик копирует на счет-клиент чистую нетто-позицию со счёта-сервера по правилу FIFO, то есть всегда первой закрывается та сделка, которая была открыта раньше всего. При копировании так же полностью исключается хеджирование позиций. Если на счёте-сервере открываются хеджирующие сделки, то на счете-клиенте происходит закрытие позиций на величину хеджа. Данный копир идеально подходит для копирования вашей не нетто-торговли на сервисы то
        "Adjustable Fractals" - is an advanced version of fractal indicator, very useful trading tool! As we know Standard fractals mt4 indicator does not have settings at all - this is very inconvenient for traders Adjustable Fractals has resolved that issue - it has all necessary settings: Adjustable period of indicator (recommended values - above 7) Adjustable distance from Highs/Lows of price Adjustable design af fractal arrows // More great Expert Advisors and Indicators are available here:  https
        39.99 USD
        Vojtech Svobodnik
        4.5 (4)
        Perseus is a free Expert Advisor for GBPJPY . It based on MACD   and   Bollinger Bands . It has been tested for 10 years of history (from year 2011). Tested by Monte Carlo with 200 simulations too. All trades are cover by StopLoss .  Doesn't use Martingale or other dangerous startegies. Perseus  using fixed lot size, which you can set in settings. Perseus settings are optimized for the best results . There is no need to change it. Recommendations Symbol: GBPJPY Timeframe: H1 Deposit: 300 USD B
        POC line
        Mikhail Nazarenko
        5 (2)
        Индикатор POC line автоматически находит накопления крупных игроков и отображает структуру перетекания объемов, в виде линии проходящей по уровням Point Of Control (POC) - максимальных горизонтальных объемов. Незаменим для торговли на рынке FOREX. Применение Уровни установки лимитных ордеров Уровни за которые прячут стоплосс Для переноса стоплосса в качестве трала Установите индикатор на любой график, и он самостоятельно найдет и выделит уровни Point Of Control свечных флетов и накоплений. Рас
        80 USD
        Chartball free
        Alexander Nikolaev
        If you are tired of trading, why not have a little fun right in the MT4 terminal? Try this game, the rules are simple - you need to control the ball and take a coin. The ball jumps along the line of the moving average, and it is controlled by arrows or the keys "w a s d". Try to keep the ball from falling out of bounds. There are several levels of difficulty, if at first it’s difficult, you can set a simple level, and when you train, increase difficulty. When adding a game to a window with a
        Symbol Manager
        Taras Slobodyanik
        5 (5)
        Symbol Manager or Grid Manager, designed to group orders into one position (by symbol and by direction). This utility will be useful to multi-currency traders, who can have multiple orders on several pairs. You will be able to see the total number of lots, the total profit, and set virtual stop loss and virtual take profit. To set a real TP (or SL), you must first set the virtual value, and then enter the command in this cell: "set". If you want to set real TP/SL for all orders at once, then en
        40 USD
        Stanislav Korotky
        3.67 (3)
        This indicator provides tick volume delta analysis on M1 timeframe. It monitors up and down ticks and sums them up as separate volumes for buys and sells, as well as their delta volumes, and volume clusters on price scale within a specified number of bars. This indicator complements VolumeDelta , which uses similar algorithms but does not process ticks and therefore cannot work on M1. VolumeDelta can show its signals on entire history because it reads M1 volumes for calculations on higher timefr
        30 USD
        IceFX VelocityMeter Mini is a very unique indicator on MetaTrader 4 platform which measures the speed of the Forex market . It is not a normal volume or other measurement indicator because IceFX VelocityMeter Mini is capable to understand market speed movements which are hidden in ticks and those valuable information cannot be read in an ordinary way from the candles. The software monitors the received ticks (frequency, magnitude of change) within a specified time range, analyzes these info and
        30 USD
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        Trade Assistant MT4
        Evgeniy Kravchenko
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        It helps to calculate the risk per trade, the easy installation of a new order, order management with partial closing functions, trailing stop of 7 types and other useful functions. Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester. Manual, Description, Download demo Line function -   shows on the chart the Opening line, Stop Loss, Take Profit. With this function it is easy to set a new order and see its additional characteristics before opening.   Risk management  - The risk
        100 USD
        Forex Trade Manager MT4
        4.98 (349)
        Do you think that in markets where the price can change in a split second, placing orders should be as simple as possible? In Metatrader, each time you want to open an order, you have to open a window where you enter the opening price, stop loss and take profit, as well as the trade size. In trading the financial markets, capital management is essential to maintain your initial deposit and multiply it. So, when you want to place an order, you probably wonder how big a trade you should open? Wha
        99 USD
        Fast Copy MT4
        Pavel Kolchin
        4.65 (132)
        The program allows you to locally copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible - an intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand the main settings of the program without reading additional descriptions, and powerful functionality will satisfy the demand of even a demanding user. The program is designed to work on "Windows PC" and "Windows VPS". Any type of copying is available MT4 - MT5 MT4 - MT
        55 USD
        Local Trade Copier EA MT4
        Juvenille Emperor Limited
        5 (72)
        Experience exceptionally  fast trade copying with the Local Trade Copier EA MT4 . With its easy 1-minute setup, this trade copier allows you to copy trades between multiple MetaTrader terminals on the same Windows computer or Windows VPS with lightning-fast copying speeds of under 0.5 seconds. Whether you're a beginner or a professional trader, the Local Trade Copier EA MT4 offers a wide range of options to customize it to your specific needs. It's the ultimate solution for anyone looking to inc
        50 USD
        TradePanel MT4
        Alfiya Fazylova
        4.9 (82)
        Trade Panel is a multifunctional trading assistant. The application contains more than 50 functions for manual trading, and allows you to automate most trading actions. Attention! The application does not work in the strategy tester. You can test the application on a demo account to do this, download the demo version on the page with instructions: instructions + demo version . Main features of the application: Works with any trading instrument (Forex, CFD, Futures and others). Works with all sym
        90 USD
        Mentfx Mmanage
        Anton Jere Calmes
        5 (16)
        The added video will show you the full functionality, effectiveness, and simplicity of this trade manager. Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool c
        300 USD
        The MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider is an easy-to-use, fully customizable utility that enables the sending of signals to Telegram, transforming your account into a signal provider. The format of the messages is fully customizable! However, for simple usage, you can also opt for a predefined template and enable or disable specific parts of the message. [ Demo ] [ Manual ] [ MT5 Version ] [ Discord Version ] [ Telegram Channel ] Setup A step by step user guide is available. No knowledge of Tele
        59 USD
        Trade Manager to help you quickly enter and exit trades while automatically calculating your risk. Including features to help prevent you from Over Trading, Revenge Trading and Emotional Trading. Trades can be managed automatically and the account performance metrics can be visualised in a graph. These features make this panel ideal for all manual traders and it helps to enhance the MetaTrader 4 platform. Multi Language support. MT5 Version  |   User Guide + Demo The Trade Manager does not work
        80 USD
        Copy Signals from any channel that you are a member (including private and restricted) straight to your MT4.  This tool has been designed with the user in mind while offering many features you need to manage and monitor the trades. This product is presented in an easy-to-use and visually attractive graphical interface. Customise your settings and start using the product within minutes! User Guide + Demo  | MT5 Version | Discord Version If you want to try a demo please go to user guide. The Te
        120 USD
        The product will copy all telegram signal to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up, copy order instant, can work with almost signal formats, image signal, s upport to translate other language to English Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content", work with  multi channel, multi MT5 Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. Support to backtest signal. How to
        219 USD
        Exp COPYLOT CLIENT for MT4
        Vladislav Andruschenko
        4.66 (68)
        Trade copier for MetaTrader 4.   It copies forex trades, positions, and orders from any accounts. It is one of the best trade copiers   MT4-MT4, MT5 - MT4   for the   COPYLOT MT4   version (or   MT4 - MT5 MT5 - MT5   for the   COPYLOT MT5   version).        MT5 version Full Description +DEMO +PDF   How To Buy    How To Install     How to get Log Files    How To Test and Optimize    All products from Expforex Copier  version for      MetaTrader 5  terminal ( МТ5 - МТ5, МТ4 - МТ5 )-  Copylot 
        50 USD
        Trade copier MT4
        Alfiya Fazylova
        4.66 (29)
        Trade Copier is a professional utility designed to copy and synchronize trades between trading accounts. Copying occurs from the account / terminal of the supplier to the account / terminal of the recipient, which are installed on the same computer or VPS . Before buying, you can test the demo version on a demo account. Demo version here . Full instruction here . Main functionality and benefits: Supports copying MT4> MT4, MT4> MT5, MT5> MT4, including MT5 netting accounts. * Supports copying Dem
        40 USD
        MT4 Alert Signal Trader  is an EA that helps you trade MT4 Alert popup. Some indicators can provide signals by showing an alert popup containing signal texts. This EA will read and trade these signal texts. The alert texts should contain at least 2 elements:  (1) a symbol text   (ex: "EURUSD") and  (2) a command type   (ex: "Buy", "Sell", "Close") that trigger EA's trading activities. Some other contents that may have or not are open price, stop loss, take profit values... The EA needs an aweso
        149 USD
        Click and Go Trade Manager
        Victor Christiaanse
        5 (8)
        Click and Go Trade Manager, the ultimate solution for seamless trading execution. With a simple click on the chart, you can effortlessly define your stop loss, entry price, and target levels. No more hassle of inputting values manually - it's made incredibly intuitive and easy. Embedded risk management is a key feature of our Trade Manager. We understand the importance of protecting your investments, which is why the Click and Go Trade Manager incorporates risk management. When placing orders,
        99 USD
        OrderManager MT4
        Lukas Roth
        4.73 (15)
        Introducing the OrderManager : A Revolutionary Utility for MT4 Manage your trades like a pro with the all-new Order Manager utility for MetaTrader 4. Designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, the Order Manager allows you to effortlessly define and visualize the risk associated with each trade, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategy. For more information about the OrderManager, please refear to the manual. [ Manual ] [ MT5 Version ] [ Telegram Channel ]
        30 USD
        Everything for chart Technical Analysis indicator mt4 in one tool Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1.   Extended rectangles and trendlines Object will be extended to the right edge of the chart when price will draw new candles on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender. 2. Price touch alert
        149 USD
        The MT4 to Discord Signal Provider is a user-friendly, fully customizable utility designed for sending trading signals directly to Discord. This tool transforms your trading account into an efficient signal provider. Customize message formats to suit your style! For ease of use, select from pre-designed templates and choose which message elements to include or exclude. [ Demo ] [ Manual ] [ MT5 Version ] [ Telegram Version ] Setup Follow our detailed user guide for easy setup. No prior knowled
        59 USD
        VirtualTradePad mt4 Extra
        Vladislav Andruschenko
        4.88 (58)
        Trading Panel for trading in 1 click.  Working with positions and orders!  Trading from the chart or the keyboard. Using our trading panel, you can trade in one click from the chart and perform trading operations 30 times faster than the standard MetaTrader control. Automatic calculations of parameters and functions that make life easier for a trader and help a trader conduct their trading activities much faster and more conveniently. Graphic tips and full information on trade deals on the chart
        50 USD
        DrawDown Limiter MT4
        Haidar, Lionel Haj Ali
        5 (9)
        Drawdown Limiter EA You are in the right place if you were searching for Drawdown control, Drawdown limiter, Balance protection, Equity Protection or Daily Drawdown Limit related to Prop Firm, FTMO, or Funded account trading, or if you want to protect your trading account. Have you suffered from controlling your drawdown when trading funded accounts? This EA is meant for you. Prop firms usually set a rule called “Trader Daily Drawdown”, and if it is not respected, you are disqualified.  I am an
        69 USD
        ADAM for FTMO 40
        Vyacheslav Izvarin
        ADAM EA Special Version for FTMO  Our 1st EA created using ChatGPT technology Trade only GOOD and checked PROP FIRMS  Default parameters for Challenge $100,000 Tested on EURUSD and GBPUSD only  Use 15MIN Time Frame Close all deals and Auto-trading  before Weekend at 12:00 GMT+3  Friday For Prop Firms MUST use special Protector  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94887 Signal using ADAM  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2190554 --------------------------------------------------------------
        2 700 USD
        Take control of your forex portfolio. See instantly where you stand, whats working and whats causing you pain! MT5 VERSION AVAILABLE HERE:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58658 The Trade Manager Dashboard is designed to show you at a glance where each position you have in the forex market currently is, and make risk management and exposure to currencies easier to understand. For traders that scale into the market gradually with multiple positions or those trading grid and basket strate
        49 USD
        The Expert Advisor will help you forward all pop-up alert with screenshot from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group, also forward all notifications to Telegram. Parameters  -  Telegram Bot Token - create bot on Telegram and get token.  -  Telegram Chat ID  - input your Telegram user ID,  group / channel ID  -  Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert.  -  Send message as caption of Screenshot - default false, set true to send message below Screenshot  How to setup and guide  - Telegram
        100 USD
        Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
        4.33 (15)
        This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 16 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastic. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (overr
        100 USD
        Grid Manual MT4
        Alfiya Fazylova
        4.69 (16)
        Grid Manual is a trading panel for working with grid strategies. The utility is universal, has flexible settings and an intuitive interface. It works with a grid of orders not only in the direction of averaging losses, but also in the direction of increasing profits. The trader does not need to create and maintain a grid of orders, the utility will do it. It is enough to open an order and the Grid manual will automatically create a grid of orders for it and will accompany it until the close. The
        45 USD
        CAP Strategy Builder EA
        4.96 (25)
        The top-selling EAs on the market cost a lot and one day they are suddenly gone. This is because one strategy will not work in the forex market all the time. Our product is unique from all others in the MQL Marketplace because our EA comes with 34+ built-in indicators that allow develop strategies every time.  You build your strategy and keep updating it. If one strategy does not work, simply build another all using only one EA. This is A ll-In-One EA in this market place. You can use as trade m
        49 USD
        Equity Shield
        Vladimir Stepanov
        5 (5)
        The Expert Advisor will protect your account from unexpected losses by constantly monitoring the equity and follow the rules as per input in the parameters.   When the rules are breached the EA will close all trades.   You can set the EA to close all trades at a certain percentage or money loss, or to close at a certain percentage or money profit.   This utility is very useful for Prop Trading Challenges to keep the draw down low and to protect your equity! My signals and other products can be f
        45 USD
        Price Action Toolkit
        LEE SAMSON
        4.67 (6)
        The price action toolkit EA is designed for scalpers but can be used on all timeframes to quickly enter the market with correctly calculated lot sizing based on your stop level, It allows you to quickly enter trades (instantly or at candle highs and lows with pending orders) and then adjust stops and take profits as the market moves. For a full list of all the features, settings and best practice strategy to use click here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/748072 MT5 version available here:
        99 USD
        Bar Replay MT4
        Hoang The Manh
        3.63 (8)
        Don't purchase before testing the Demo version first. DEMO version:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/76917 __________________________________________________ This EA  - Tool allow you replay bar in Meta Trader 4 for back test. This Tool can back test in multi timeframe in only one chart. This Tool is very useful for Price action trader. It can work with Indicators, some indicators cannot works. So please download Demo to test before purchase.  Demo Version We do not accept refund in any
        50 USD
        RedFox Copier Pro
        Rui Manh Tien
        4.75 (12)
        FREE SIGNAL CHANEL:  https://t.me/redfox_daily_forex_signals Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for you. In other words, Our   Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  will analyze the trading signals you receive on your selected Telegram channels and execute them to your Telegram to MT4 account. Reduce The Risk Telegram To Mt4   defines the whole experience of copying signals from   Telegram signal copier to mt4  p
        149 USD
        Trade Assistant Pro 36 in 1
        Makarii Gubaydullin
        4.95 (20)
        Multifunctional tool: 65+ functions, including: Lot calculator, Price action, R/R ratio, Trade manager, Supply and Demand zones Demo version   |   User manual The utility doesn't work in the strategy tester: you can download the Demo Version HERE  to test the product. Contact me for any questions  / ideas for improvement / in case of a bug found If you need a MT5 version, it is available   here Simplify, speed up and automate your trading process . Expand the standard terminal capabilities wit
        139 USD
        More from author
        Z Panel
        Sergey Zhilinskiy
        5 (1)
        A simple, intuitive scalping assistant - Z Panel . Features Quick order placing, closing of all orders or BUY and SELL orders separately, setting breakeven by pressing a button. Automatic calculation of the three levels of the lot size, depending on the available funds on the account. Displays the breakeven level. Can be located in any place on the chart. It is recommended to use on ECN accounts. Parameters Risk of Button1 — risk amount as a percentage to set the lot size on the buttons of t
        Z RandomTrade
        Sergey Zhilinskiy
        Советник случайной торговли для статистических данных. Направление входа всегда случайное. Можно задать диапазоны случайного выбора объема сделки, тейкпрофита, стоплосса, задержки открытия следующей сделки и размера трейлинга. Если минимальное и максимальное значения равны, то этот параметр будет фиксированным. В тестере на каждом запуске вы будете получать совершенно разные результаты с одними и теми же настройками. Внимание! Советник не для торговли на реальных счетах!
        Z OrdersView Full
        Sergey Zhilinskiy
        5 (1)
        Индикатор показывает: открытые ордера по инструменту; количество ордеров; профит по Buy и Sell каждого инструмента; суммарный профит. Количество строк и столбцов по инструментам определяется автоматически, в зависимости от ширины окна. Индикатор обновляется по таймеру, время обновления задается в настройках. Устанавливать индикатор можно любой график вне зависимости от ТФ и пары. Клик по названию инструмента переключает текущий график на выбранный. Совместно со скриптом  https://www.mql5.com/ru/
        Z HLC color Bars
        Sergey Zhilinskiy
        5 (2)
        Индикатор отображает бары в системе High-Low-Close ( HLC ). Имеется возможность выделять бары с увеличенным объемом. Простые понятные настройки цвета, толщины баров. Входные параметры Width Line  – толщина баров. Color Down Bar  –   цвет медвежьего бара. Color Up Bar  – цвет бычьего бара. Color Undirected Bar  –   цвет ненаправленного бара. Volume Level (0-off)  – уровень объема для показа бара с увеличенным объемом (0-отключено). Color Volume Bar  –   цвет бара с увеличенным объемом.
        David Demurchian
        David Demurchian 2021.06.15 12:22 

        Отличная программа! Полностью выполняет заявленный функционал, можно делиться информацией в автоматическом режиме. Спасибо!

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