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The Expert automatically draws trend lines on the H4 and D1 timeframes. The lines are drawn based on the last two known fractals of the correspondent periods (H4, D1).

A peculiarity of this Expert is that the lines are drawn with accuracy up to 15 minutes. It allows analyzing the chart on smaller timeframes without loosing the precision of drawing the lines in relation to the extrema of the prices. It is suitable for an intraday and medium term trading.

The lines of the H4 period are inactive by default. To activate them the parameter "Enable_H4" must be "True". Parameters of the trend lines are also set up by the input parameters of the Expert. The Expert allows sending push-notifications when closing price is above the descending resistance and below the ascending support (see. input parameters of the Expert). Frequency of notifications for H4 (intraday) - once an hour and for D1 (medium term) - once in four hours.

Maksym Mudrakov
2017.02.09 14:02 

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Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.07 19:27 

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Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.01.02 16:03 

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Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.03.20 22:10 

Good trend lines.