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Trend Scraper

Trend Scraper features:

  • The Stop Loss is invisible to the broker;
  • Hidden algorithm for entering the market;
  • Easy setup;
  • Small drawdown;
  • Any symbols at one time;
  • Ultra-fast optimization;
  • Entry at trend reversals;
  • Breakeven function.

Easy setup and use are the keys to the success of a trading system. Only two parameters for setup and optimization!

The task of the robot is to "hack" the trend at the very beginning when currency pairs or futures only start moving, and maintain an open position in the trend direction as long as possible for maximum efficiency. After price reversal, the robot closes the position and enters in the direction of the new trend.

The Trend Scraper trading system uses the Stop Loss invisible to the broker, so it cannot be "pushed out" of a position. "Smart Stop Loss" can be enabled in the EA settings (it does not depend on the price and entry point, it moves with time following a predetermined path), or you can choose the breakeven function.

The robot can trade any currency pairs, stock indices, futures, gold, shares, CFDs, oil and any other symbols simultaneously.

With a little drawdown, this EA can show superior performance in its standard version with the recommended parameters and the suggested settings.

Low drawdown and high results. A profitable trade can be opened at any directed movement (trend) on 1-minute to 1-month charts. The robot only need to have trends in the traded symbol's prices at any time intervals.

The simple algorithm and stable operation. The robot uses a trend reversal system, but there is no need to understand multiple parameters—all settings are adjusted in two main parameters (signal lines) that can be optimized on the open prices (very fast). The main condition for position entering does not need optimization, it is encoded in the robot (hidden from the broker). The robot has an explicit control of bar opening, this accelerates the optimization and setup. All other parameters and settings can also be optimized, if necessary.

To make the full use of the trading system on an unlimited number of symbols at a time, do not forget to set a different robot number for each working chart (the "Robot's number" parameter). The permanent online operation of the Expert Advisor is recommended, but in the case of loss of communication or computer failure, it always sees its position and will continue to control them (or change the direction of an order or restore the closed positions), regardless of the idle period.

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exzt 2015.10.25 15:38 

Всем привет,

Короче не видитесь ,робот мало эффективен,и разработчики пропали, нашел их на их сайте, там уже версия 1,1,

но тут ее обновлять не собираются,

о торговле, погонял его на реале, на золоте все сделки в минусе, короче был не большой плюс только на sp500 и

eur/jpy, во общем +3% или 15€ за неделю,

лажа деньги на ветер,

его надо сделать free или вообще снять с продажи

PliusovA 2014.10.31 10:29   

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