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Exp - COPYLOT CLIENT is a trade copier for МetaТrader 4. It copies forex trades from any accounts.


  • Install the Expert Advisor in the terminal where you want to copy trades.
  • Specify any text label name as pathRead, for example, "COPY". This should match the master terminal (to bind the two terminals).
  • To copy trades, you need to install the MASTER copier in the terminal from where you want to copy the trades. COPYLOT Master (free)

Note: The list of settings can be found on the Comments tab.

The full product version: COPYLOT CLIENT.

Restrictions: The demo version works only on EURUSD.

It is one of the best MT4-to-MT4 trade copiers today. The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account. High operation speed. Tough error handling. A powerful set of features. All these qualities are combined in a single program - EXP - COPYLOT. The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings. Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various investor accounts trading on one account, - COPYLOT will copy your trades to other terminals.

Basic Parameters

  • pathREAD - path to the file, which will contain information about the current positions/orders (do not change with no experience).
  • Magic - the magic number for opening/closing.
  • PreFixSymbol - additional symbol(s) in the name of the client's currency pair.
  • LotRiskFromMaster - using the risk of the master account.
  • LotExp - client lot. Calculated as (the client's balance/master balance) * master lot * variable set by the client.
  • Lot - the lot for opening. If 0, it opens deals with the current master lot. Otherwise, the lot to be used for trade copying is specified.
  • RiskLot - a trade in the client's terminal will open with a lot equal to RiskLot % of the available funds of the client. The formula for calculating the lot is available in the article.
  • KoefLot - if 0, it is disabled. If there is a coefficient, then positions will be opened with this coefficient in the client's terminal.
  • TakeProfitCopy - copying take profit from the master account.
  • StopLossCopy - copying stop loss from the master account.
  • ReverseCopy - revert trades (take profit and stop loss are also inverted).
  • PendingOrdersCopy - copy pending orders, true or false.
  • PricePointSlip - price deviation during copying.
  • ProfitCopyOnly - copy inly profitable positions.
  • OnlyProfitPips  - minimum profit value of a trade in points.
  • LossCopyOnly - copy only losing positions.
  • OnlyLossPips - loss value in points.
  • NewTradeONLY - copy only new trades.
  • SLEEPING - pauses between code execution in milliseconds.
  • ClosePosbyMaster - close client's positions if master positions are closed.
  • TP_adjust - addition (if "-" signe, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for TakeProfit.
  • SL_adjust - addition (if "-" signe, the subtraction) of a specified number of points for Stoploss.
  • My_STOPLOSS - setting your own stop loss from the current open price.
  • My_TAKEPROFIT - setting your own take profit from the current open price.
  • VirtualStopLossTakeProfit - virtual stop loss and take profit from the master.
  • TrailingStopUSE - use trailing stop for open positions.
  • BeZubitok True - enable breakeven. Copying of stop loss and take profit is disabled in this case.

And much more.

Eduard Gluhov
2016.10.10 18:46   

При копировании в режиме reversecopy, возможно ли учесть спред, чтобы не получилось так что на мастере тейкпрофит ещё не сработал а на клиенте уже вышибло по стопу из за разницы спреда.

Dmitriy Zaripov
2015.03.12 10:23 

Из всех перепробованных копировальщиков Ваш самый многофункциональный. Спасибо за труды!

2015.01.31 17:47 

Хороший копир для мт4. Быстро копирует. Есть много функций которые сильно помогают. Если поставить 100 мс на проверку сигнала - копирует молниеносно.

Хорошие функции для раздела сигналов. Кстати можно поставить на 1 терминал на 2 графика и мастера и клиента - для раздела сигналы очень полезная вещь.

Version 16.955 - 2016.12.06
Version 16.954 - 2016.11.08
Added the PathRead name to the field of comment to open trades in order to facilitate usage and finding trades.
Version 16.936 - 2016.10.11
Fixed error with partial closing of positions
Version 16.823 - 2016.08.29
Added the PendingPrice_adjust parameter - shift of the price for placing pending order relative to the price from the master.
BUYSTOP and SELLIMIT are shifted by plus PendingPrice_adjust points.
SELLSTOP and BUYLIMIT are shifted by minus PendingPrice_adjust points.

For example:
the master has a pending BUYSTOP order at the price of 1,12400 and a SELLSTOP at the price of 1,12300
PendingPrice_adjust = 200
the client will open pending orders - BUYSTOP at the price of 1,12600 and SELLSTOP at the price of 1,12100
Version 16.702 - 2016.07.08
Added new parameter to the block of position reversion when copying - ReverseCopy
ReverseSLTP - reverse Stop loss and Take profit when reversing deals:

When copying and reversing deals from the master, the stop loss/take profit is reversed on the client
For example:
on master: SELL with stop loss = 100 points, take profit = 300 points. The client copies: BUY with stop loss of 300 points and take profit = 100 points.

When copying and reversing deals from the master, the stop loss/take profit is not reversed on the client, but set according to the stop orders on the master.
For example:
on master: SELL with stop loss = 100 points, take profit = 300 points. The client copies: BUY with stop loss of 100 points and take profit = 300 points.
Version 16.610 - 2016.06.17
Added recheck of the data when opening the data file in another program.
Version 16.517 - 2016.05.26

What's new:
Added the Rounding parameter:
Without rounding - place stop orders without rounding
To 1 digit - rounding to 1 digit. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23450
To 2 digits - rounding by 2 digits. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23400
Default: Off

Added the AutoRoundingGOLDSILVER parameter
For brokers, which allow to open positions on gold and silver only at prices rounded to 1 decimal place.
Default: Off

Added the CorrectSLTPbyMaster parameter:
Adjusts the stop loss and take profit distances if the opening prices are different on master and client:
for example
opening price on master: 1,2000; Stop loss: 1,3000; Take profit: 1,1000;
opening price on client: 1,2500; Stop loss: 1,3500; Take profit: 1,1500;
The difference in the opening prices is 0,0500 points, the distances to Stop loss and Take profit are adjusted.
Default: Off

Added the RiskLotTypetype parameter:
Risk calculation type based on:
Balance - calculates the lot based on the current balance in respect to RiskLot percents
Free Margin - calculates the lot based on the free margin in respect to RiskLot percents
Stop loss - calculates the lot based on the stop loss of a trade in respect to RiskLot percents, if stop loss = 0, the trade will be opened with the lot of the master
Default: Off

Fixed the error of copying the GOLD symbol to the broker Fi**
Fixed the error of trading a symbol with the suffix "..."

Solution regarding the UAC feature enabled:
If this feature is enabled, all files are stored in the common folder of the terminal.
Version 16.105 - 2016.01.07
Added the auto-detection of the symbol suffix, if it differs from the standard name of the currency pair.
If the PreFixSymbol="Auto" is specified:
If the currency name on the client terminal has a suffix, i.e. EURUSD.m, then the trades will be copied with the suffix ".m"
Added the OnTimer event handler which increases the stability and copying speed.
Fixed changing of the EA settings on the fly. Now the EA settings can be changed on the chart, without the need to restart the EA.
Check if the copier chart objects were deleted by the other indicators. If an object with the technical data was deleted, the copier re-creates the object.
Added the parameters:
ReopenPosAfterClose - reopen positions, if they have been closed on the client but has not been closed on the master yet.
Only for the professionals!!!
Allows to reopen the position if it has been closed, for example, by the trailing stop on the client, but has not been closed on the master yet.
Version 15.956 - 2015.12.07
Updated the copier's demo version! Added ability to work with COPYLOT MASTER MT5
Version 15.812 - 2015.08.17
Improved copying algorithm for a large amount of trades
Added automated inversion of currency names (USDRUB USDRUR EURRUBEURRUR)

Version 15.727 - 2015.07.30
Added a parameter disabling ability to copy positions:
If PositionsCopy is set to true, positions are copied.
At that all other functions work as usual (trailing, modification, etc.).
Version 15.710 - 2015.07.15
Added a full-fledged algorithm of virtual stops for your stop loss and take profit.

If VirtualStopLossTakeProfit is set to true, you can adjust your virtual stop loss, take profit and trailing stop:

- My_STOPLOSS - your stop loss in points (master's stop loss is not copied).
- My_TAKEPROFIT - your take profit in points (master's take profit is not copied).
- TrailingStopUSE - your trailing stop.
- IfProfTrail - profit trades only.
- TrailingStop - trailing stop distance.
- TrailingStep - trailing stop step.
Version 15.630 - 2015.06.30
Added an option to round prices when copying:
rounding Open prices for pending orders;
rounding stop loss;
rounding take profit;

Without rounding - copy without rounding
To 1 digit - round 1 digit. For example, the Open price BUYSTOP = 1.23456, the transaction will be copied with the price 1.23450
To 2 digits - round 2 signs. For example, the Open price BUYSTOP = 1.23456, the transaction will be copied with the price 1.23400
Version 15.209 - 2015.02.11
Added FilterLot variable which filters the lots copied to the Client.
If FilterLot = 0, all lots are copied.
If FilterLot = 0.1, all lots greater than or equal to 0.1 are copied.
If FilterLot = 1, all lots greater than or equal to 1 are copied.
Version 15.204 - 2015.02.05
New option in block TPWCM EXTRA SETS Stops when Master Close Pos- TPWCM_TakeProfitOnlyToProfitZone

When set to true, the EA places a take profit after a deal is closed on the master account only in the positive zone. If a deal is in loss after it is closed on the master account, take profit won't be placed until the trade enters profit area.
If set to false, the EA places take profit in any case, even if the position is losing.
Version 15.209 - 2015.03.02
Added support for a demo version for brokers using suffixes.
The copier's demo version trades only EURUSD when launched on a real account.
Version 15.129 - 2015.01.30
Added the new block for working with the copier:
-------------OIP EXTRA SETS Pos to STOP or LIMIT orders--------------
OIP_Order_Instead_Position; - True False
OIP_TypeOrders; - order type (pending STOP or limit LIMIT)
OIP_DistanceOIP; - order distance

When opening a trade on a Master account, you can turn it into a pending order in the client terminal with the amount of points set in the EA settings.
Added ability to select Stop or Limit orders. Order reversal now occurs together with trade reversal.
Version 14.937 - 2014.10.14
Fixed file read error.