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MACD Alert

MACD Alert is a revised version of the popular MACD indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Unlike the basic indicator, this one has a colored edge of bars in accordance with the trend and a built-in function for dialog box (Alert) display in Russian and English. Parameters 'Averaging Method' and 'Price Type' are displayed in the settings window. It gives an advantage of monitoring convergence/divergence of all types of Moving Average (Simple Averaging, Exponential, Smoothed and Linear Weighted) and by any price (Closing Price, Opening Price, the Maximum Price for the Period, the Minimum Price for the Period, Median Price, Typical Price and Average Price).

The indicator alerts of the following signals:

  • BEGINNING OF AN UPTREND — the MACD bars transit from the negative area (below zero) to the positive one;
  • BEGINNING OF AN DOWNTREND — he bars from the positive area (above zero) transit to the negative one;
  • WEAKENING UPTREND – the bars are in the positive area but getting formed below the signal line.
  • PREVAILING UPTREND – the bar growth is happening in the positive area above the signal line;
  • WEAKENING DOWNTREND – bars are in the negative area but being formed above the signal line;
  • PREVAILING DOWNTREND – the bar fall takes place in the negative area below the signal line.

More functional versions of the indicator: MACD Message and MACD Converter.

Good luck in trading!

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