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DF Daily PivotPoint Support and Resistance

This indicator calculates Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly pivot points, supports and resistances prices and then show this pivot price lines on the chart. This indicator uses one of the Classic, Camarilla, Woodie, DeMark, Floor and Fibonacci formulas you choose when calculating. You can change pivot lines' color and style with use indicator parameters. And last, you can choose one of the "Sound Alert", "Show Alert Message", "Send Mobile Message" and "Send Email" notifications for price alert.

Input Parameters

  • Method - You can choose one of these formulations for pivot price calculations.
    • Classic
      • Range = High Price(HP) – Low Price(LP)
      • Pivot Price(PP) = ( High Price(HP) + Low Price(LP) + Close Price(CP) ) / 3
      • R1 Price = (2 * PP) – LP | S1 Price = (2 * PP) – HP
      • R2 Price = PP + Range | S2 Price = PP - Range
      • R3 Price = R2 + Range | S3 Price = S2 – Range
      • R4 Price = R3 + Range | S4 Price = S3 - Range
    • Camarilla
    • Woodie
    • DeMark
    • Floor
    • Fibonacci

Please click (https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/1465) for more information about all formulations.

  • TimePeriod - You can choose time period for pivot price calculations.
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • ShowComment - If this parameter is selected true, some pivot price information show on the chart (e.g. Open Price, Close Price ...)
  • AlarmType1 - You can choose one of the alerts for price notification
    • NoAlert
    • PlaySoundAlert - Only plays alert sound.
    • ShowAlertMessage - Alerts show in popup secreen and play alert sound
    • SendMobileMessage - If you choose this alert, you should configure the push notification settings (Tools > Options > Notifications)
    • SendEmail - If you choose this alert, you should configure the E-Mail settings (Tools > Options > E-Mail)
  • AlarmType2 - You can choose as second alert. Options are the same as AlarmType1
Note: PlaySoundAlert, SendMobileMessage and SendEmail options cannot be used in the Strategy Tester. But if you select ShowAlertMessage, you can see all created price alert in strategy tester screen's journal section.
  • MaxPipDeviation - Price alert sensibility. For example;

Let's imagine that the price of S2 is 1.092 and MaxPipDeviation is 3. In this case, the alert will activate when the price of S2 reaches this range (1.089 – 1.095)

Note: You cannot use this parameter with TimePeriod(Hourly) parameter. And you can set maximum 30(pip) on 5 or 3 digit pairs and you can set maximum 3(pip) on other pairs.
  • ShortLines - If this parameter is selected true, the pivot line lengths will be short
  • ShowLineName - If this parameter is selected true, the pivot name appears in the lower right corner of the pivot line (e.g. [R2] 1.105 )

Style Parameters

  • Resistance4Line - If this parameter is selected false, the pivot line is invisible
  • Resistance4Color - The R4 pivot line's color can be changed with this parameter (e.g. red, green, blue ...)
  • Resistance4Type - The R4 pivot line's type can be changed with this option
    • Solid
    • Dash
    • Dot
    • DashDot
    • DashDotDot
  • Resistance4Width - The R4 pivot line's width can be changed with this option
    • Thin
    • Normal
    • Middle
    • Thick
    • Too_thick

Note: All options for R4 pivot line are also available for other pivot lines

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Version 5.0 2017.08.14
- Alarm count increased to 2 (You could get two alarm at the same time with AlarmType1 and AlarmType2)
- Added "Pivot line width" option
- Added new alarm type (ShowAlertMessage)
- Added price information to alarm notifications
- PushMessage alarm name is change to SendMobilMessage
- SoundAlert alarm name is change to PlaySoundAlert
- MaxPipDeviation restricted for blocking wrong uses. you can set max 30 on 5 or 3 digit parity and you can set max 3 on other parities. and you can't use this parameter on hourly TimePeriod
- Some bugs fixed
Version 4.0 2014.10.31
- Added input selection lines style (short price line or long price line)
- Added input selection line names (if true, line names are visible )
- Added input selection alert (Push Message, Send Email or Sound Alert) alarm activated when price reach any pivot price (S1,R1,..)
Version 3.0 2014.10.23
Added input time period selection (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Version 2.0 2014.10.15
- Added input calculation methods
- Added input line colors and styles