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Three Dimensional Indicator for Manual Trading

This three dimensional indicator (based on moving averages) can help you do 100% stress-free, successful manual trading based on M1, M5, M15 or higher timeframes.

It is an excellent indicator for traders who wish to scalp on M1 or M5 time frames; or carry out long-term trend trading on higher time frames such as M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 or W1.


  1. BUY when all lines have made a turn upwards, and bid price has moved up above the lines.
  2. SELL when all lines have made a turn downwards, and bid price has moved down below the lines.
  3. DO NOT buy or sell if you have missed the onset of the turning points of the lines. That means, do not enter a trade after the trend has started long ago unless you are using a high timeframe.
  4. DO NOT look at bid price (price fluctuations). Just follow movements of all the lines for successful trading.
  5. DO NOT trade when market is dull and liquidity is low. Trade only when Japanese, Australian, European or USA sessions are open and liquidity is high.

These are all the guidelines to follow for correct usage of this indicator in successful manual trading.

Richards Laudurgs
2014.10.03 18:10 

Did not find this helpful in any way, the lines seem like moving averages with a shift and thats it