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Forex is all about entering the trend at an early stage and exiting your trades at the safest spot possible. Mc TREND is a non-repainting indicator that gives very good trend signal and enables you to ride the trend from its early stage. Go long on the up arrow and exit on the down arrow. Go short on the down arrow and exit on the up one. No Forex system is 100% perfect, so I would simply like to add at this point that you should use a good money management system for your trades. I recommend risking at most 2% of your equity in any trade. Also use a fixed stop loss and take profit and also trail your stop losses.

Input Menu Options

  1. Period - this is the number of bars the indicator uses in its calculation. Noise is reduced with increase in period (the higher the period, the better the signal). For this indicator, use a period range from 14 to 26.
  2. EnableAlert - choose either true or false for this option. If true, an alert is displayed on the chart anytime there is a signal.
  3. EnableMail - choose either true or false for this option. If true, you will receive an email anytime there is a signal.
  4. Сolor1 and color2 - these are the colors of the arrows. The default colors are red and white but you can change them if you want.


  1. Non-Repainting.
  2. Alert notification.
  3. Email notification.
  4. Compatible with all pairs.


  1. Use on H1, M15 and M5 timeframes.
  2. Add trailing stop / stop loss to your trades.
  3. Use period 14 to 26.
2016.01.04 19:02 

i made many mistakes in my life but buying this indicator was the biggest mistake i made, success rate of the signals is less than 10 %, more than 90% of the trades are losses, when the trend is down it keeps giving you buy signals, and once the trend is up it keeps giving you sell signals, once market is sideways it will give you some winning trades, if you use this indicator it will wipe your account, save your money and DO NOT BUY THIS INDICATOR NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.....total trash, i don't know from where did the above positive reviews came from(maybe fake?)......i lost 35 $ for nothing......stay away believe me.is there a way to get my 35 $ back??

Paolo Ronchetti
2015.06.14 02:03 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2014.10.05 03:06 

cool. I don't regret buying this

2014.10.05 02:46 

I like the indicator....can you convert it into an EA...i will pay well for your service

2014.10.05 02:34 

The indicator is very simple to use...simply just arrows on the chart and it gives signals...five star..

2014.10.05 02:05 

Gives correct signal most of the time...well worth the prize..

2014.10.05 01:34 

I would like to use the indicator with my real account. Can you help convert it into an EA?

Oghenesode Gueke
2014.10.05 00:48 

The indicator gives really good signals.....five star!!!

Peter Smith
2014.10.02 12:59 

I bought this indicator recently and from what i've seen so far, the signal appears to really good....i will definitely use it in my real account

Version 1.2 - 2015.04.13
Fixed a bug on the mail alert system. Now, all alert systems are in good conditions.
Version 1.1 - 2015.02.05
Fixed a bug with the notification system. So the notification in this system is working properly now.