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Volume at Price

Volume at Price indicator gives an approximation of volume at each price level. Volume is vital when determining which price level is strong and which is not.

With this indicator which estimates the volume at each price level by using some sort of statistical techniques along with Tick Volume, you will be able to detect the areas of high volume and the areas of low volume or even volume divergence and gaps in volume.

Interpretation of the volume chart is estimated by the user: some traders will use high volume areas as strong support or resistant levels, whereas others will use areas with low volume as the strong level of support or resistant levels. It can't be used as stand alone indicator, use it as decision support tool that confirms trading decisions of your own strategy.


  1. Various Volume Profile Creation Methods that will gives you flexibility as well
    • Visible Bars Range Profile: shows the volume profile for the visible range of bars on a chart
    • All History Profile: Shows the Volume profile for the entire history of the Selected Time Frame
    • Multi_Period Profile: Displays Volume profile for multiple periods (Days, Weeks, Months)
    • Custom Period Profile: Displays he Volume profile for custom selected period using Cycle Line Tool
    • SD/ED Profile: displays the volume profile for selected period by determining the Starting Date / Time and Ending Date/Time
    • SD/TN Profile: displays the volume profile starting from date until now
    • Bars Count Profile: displays Volume Profile based on number of bars
    • Cur Combined Periods: Merges multiple periods profiles into one profile (Days, Weeks, Month) and shows the latest merged period profile eg: latest 20 days profile
    • Prev Combined Periods: Use the Vertical line tool to show the combined periods profile of the previous period
    • Dynamic Combined Periods: Displays volume profile for combined periods dynamically when scrolling the chart to left or right starting from the first visible bar on the chart
    • Year-To-Date Profile: Creates the volume profile from current year start until today
    • Prev Quarter Profile: Creates the volume profile for the previous year quarter
    • Prev Half Profile: Create the volume profile for the previous year half
    • Prev Year Profile: Creates the Volume profile for the previous year
  2. Works with CFDs such as metals, stocks by Selecting CFDs mode. Also it automatically detects that if instrument is a CFD or not.
  3. Customized Tick value for CFD.
  4. Displays Pivot Levels of the Profile.

Parameters List

1- Magic Number: Indicator's Magic Number.

2-8:Select Default Sub Time Frame for each main time frame from which the indicator will calculate its value * Sub Time Frame Must always be lower than higher or the main time frame. For example you can't select a week as a default sub time frame for a daily time frame. If you do so the indicator will do nothing.

9-Solid Histogram Bar: if true bars will be shaded, if false bars will be hollow.

10-Pivot Points Calc Mode: Fibos/Regular. Select how the pivot points are calculated (Fibo/Regular).

11-Show Pivot Points: Enable or Disable showing pivot points on a chart.

12-Highlight High Or low Volume Zone: if true indicator will highlight high or low volume zones on the profile.

12-Highlight Zone with: Drop down list to select the area of High, Low, Both High Low areas to highlight.

14-High Volume Threshold: the Percentage of high volume above average.

15-Low Volume Threshold: the Percentage of low volume below average.

16-Show POC: Enable or disable showing profile Point of control. True to show POC, False to disable it

17-POC Color: set the color for Point of control.

18-Show Value Area: Enable or disable showing profile's value area. True Enable showing the VA, False to disable it.

19- Value Area %: The percentage of value area. Default 70% or 0.70. ** Must be greater than 0

20-Value Area Color: Set color of the value area.

21-Use PreSet Color Scheme: Select true if you want to select from premade color scheme.

22-color Scheme: RedBlue, BlackWhite, BlackGreen.

23-28 Indicator's Bars Colors.

RichHarrison 2018.07.12 19:38 

Currently this crashes my MT4 making it pretty unuseable. Until it is addressed I'll be leaving this review at the current rating as a warning to other potential customers. Will alter review when/if it is fixed.

EDIT (13/07): I'm getting support on this but the tool indicator is still freezing my MT4 and remaining on chart even when I remove it from indicators list, so its still an issue. Will provide further updates to this review if the situation improves.

Fx taster
Fx taster 2017.03.23 16:38 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

nadeembhatti 2015.11.27 10:46 

Excellent indicator. The seller has been highly supportive in terms of helping me understand the function of this indicator. Very pleased with this.

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2014.11.17 23:28 

Being a VPA (Volume Price Analysis) trader this is another great tool, that helps with finding key areas of support and resistance as well as following breakouts. I know their is a market profile indicator from 2006 floating around, but that indicator slows down MT4. This does any thing but that. Works great.

Version 3.60 2018.03.13
- New features to show the POC and Value Area
- Enhanced appearance: the profile now will not overlap the chart instead it will be drawn at very right side if the chart if Right to left profile is selected
Version 3.50 2018.01.31
- Fixed Minor Glitch, the control panel was not deleted or updated correctly
- New feature for showing the profile of the current developing period
Version 3.40 2017.04.14
- Fixed Minor Glitch in CFD
- Added a very helpful 3 New Volume Profile Methods
1- Previous Combined Period Profile : Using Vertical line Tool
2- Year To Date Profile : shows the current Volume Profile from Year Start until today
3- Previous Quarter Profile :shows the Volume profile of the previous Quarter
4- Previous Half Profile : shows the Volume profile of the previous half
5- Previous Year Profile : shows the volume profile of the previous year
6- Feature to show the Pivot points , Support and resistance for the Selected profile period
Version 3.20 2016.05.24
- New Profile Creation method was added : Moving Combined Period this new method allows user to show the volume profile for the required number of period dynamically when scrolling the chart to left or right for the required number of period starting from last visible bar of the chart
- New Feature that allows the user to save his favorite settings for each time frame . for example you can select to show visible bars range profile on 15 M time Frame and select to see profile for 20 days on 1H chart and another settings on different Time Frames .
- Fixed minor Glitch
Version 3.0 2016.04.25
- New Friendly User Interface that allows the user to quickly and easily interact with the indicator properties and changing them when needed.
- New Feature to Show Buy/Sell Percent at every price level represented as graph.
- Modified Properties Window: removed most of properties leaving only some minor properties that are related to indicator appearance and colors.
Version 2.15 2016.01.25
Fixed Minor glitch.
Version 2.10 2016.01.19
- New Properties :-
1. Interval: this property allows you to create multiple periods Profiles with a fixed interval for example you may create 3 Days profile interval for 20 periods this will show 20 profiles on the chart with each one represent 3 days or what ever Timeframe you select (Month, Week, day) in other word showing 60 days profile divided into 3 days for each profile : to enable it select from Profile creation method : Multiple period profile, then from the main time frame select the desired profile period, then select the Periods count you want then on the interval property select 2 or 3 or whatever interval you want.
2. Color Scheme: you can select preset color scheme for the chart from 3 color (Green & Black, Blue Red, White Black)
Some amendments were made to the indicator to enhance the accuracy with regard to volume calculation.
Version 2.0 2015.11.17
- Completely rebuilt the indicator to enhance the performance and save PC resources
- New parameters list with more functions and more organized properties list
- New profile creation methods were added:
- All Time Frame History Profile: Show the volume profile for the entire history of an instrument.
- Multi Period Profile: Show the volume profile for selected number of periods (Days, Weeks, Months) separately all on the same chart.
- Start date and Ending date Profile: Show the volume profile from Starting date to Ending date determined.
- Start Date till now profile: Show the volume profile from Starting date until the current time.

- Modified custom period creation method using Cycle Line tool, so that now you can create as much profiles as you want using the cycle line tool without deleting the previous profile created.
- Added Hide button: show or hide profile from the chart if needed.
- Added Clear button: delete profiles created by Cycle Line tool specially or clear any profiles on the chart also. Be careful when using it.
- To find out more about how to use the indicator, please check the Comments tab of the product page.
Version 1.60 2015.10.13
1. Modified the parameters list (added new parameters, removed some parameters).

2. Added the two new profile creation methods (by date and by bars count) in addition to methods from the previous version. All methods can be found on the drop-down list in the parameters window.

3. New option to show profile from right to left or from left to right.

4. Added the "Scale" button to the upper right corner of the chart. This make you able to move the chart up or down to show parts of the profile which are not visible on the chart.

5. Fixed a minor glitch.
Version 1.50 2015.10.02
-New Feature To add Fixed Period Profile using a preset number of profiles (Days,Weeks or Months ) this would give the trader more insight on the market at lower time frame
- Ability to add up to 3 VAP indicators to the same chat at the same time using different setting for each this would make the trader more informative about the levels he would like to trade
Please note : to add different VAP indicator change the Magic Number for each Indicator you place on the chart Magic number must be unique
Version 1.25 2015.03.20
Enhanced Accuracy and resource consumption.
New Feature to select different default sub time frame for each major time frame
Version 1.10 2014.12.02
- Ability to change Histogram bars style to solid and bring it to background , to enhance the appearance of the chart.
- Ability to highlight high or low volume area with different color.