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The signal is formed in the direction of Momentum. The product processes the errors correctly and works on the market efficiently. It can work with the deposit as small as $100! The signal can also be inverted. The Expert Advisor also has built-in progressive optimization sorting function, i.e., it is recommended that the optimization is performed in Custom max mode.


  • OnOptimizationSharp—Additional Sharpe ratio is used when optimizing in Custom max mode.
  • Work Period—Expert Advisor's working period.
  • Risk—Risk value, at which the market entry is performed (loss value compared with the overall deposit in percentage). The lot is defined relative to the Stop Loss and allowable losses when reaching it.
  • LotRounding—Lot rounding (up to decimal places).
  • Deviation—Requotes.
  • Sleeps—Waiting for position being opened, closed or modified.
  • StopLoss—Stop Loss.
  • TakeProfit—Take Profit.
  • Signal Period—The period the indicators work at.
  • SignalBar—Bar from which the indicator tracking starts (1 – the first fully formed bar).
  • Inversion—Input signal inversion.


  • StopLoss—3/1/15
  • TakeProfit—3/1/15
  • PeriodSignal—M1/M5
  • SignalBar—0/1/15
  • Period—3/1/33
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Version 1.2 - 2015.10.21
Fixed problem with minimal stop loss, now any value can be set.
Version 1.1 - 2014.12.04
Reduced memory requirements.