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Super bug


  • While being attached to just one chart, it trades 8 different currency pairs.
  • A unique way of entering trades makes it unaffected when run on anti-hedging brokers.
  • An advanced trailing stop feature.

Super bug opens trades on eight currency pairs: EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURJPY, AUDJPY, EURAUD and AUDCAD. Just attach it on any H4 chart, set your desired lot size and the EA will do the rest!

The Expert Advisor was tested for a year from August 2013 to the end of July 2014 with the following settings:

  • Initial balance - $4 000
  • Lot size fixed at 0.1 (non-compounded)
  • Leverage - 1:100

At the end of testing, the result was as follows. Please see attached images for detailed charting.

  • Balance at the end of testing $7 462.17
  • Pips made 3 000+
NOTE: The final results are the combined performance for all the eight traded pairs.

This is an efficient trading EA that holds on trades to maximize profits so do not expect to see hundreds of trades per week. You do not win by number of trades but by correct entry and exit.

You can maximize on this Expert Advisor by:

  • Being patient. Do not run it for a week then rush to judge it. Let it run for a couple of months because it will lose at some months and win at the others, but in the end what matters is the overall profit as you can see in the test result.
  • Run it on a broker with as low spread as possible as well as a longer trading week, i.e. a broker that does not close too early on Fridays or open too late on Mondays.
  • Avoid greed. Do not wish for 1 000% in a week. Set a reasonable lot size. Too high lot size compared to your account balance increases the risk of margin call. You might make bigger profits but kill your account. If you want to continue profiting for years, then set an appropriate lot size.
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