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YelkiPalki is a trend reversal indicator displaying entry points in the form of arrows. It does not change its readings under any circumstances. The indicator's readings are based on the author methodology developed on several interrelated principles of currency pair movement.

The preferred timeframe is М5. However, with the proper settings, the product works on other timeframes as well. The best results have been detected on EURJPY. The indicator signals are reliable on such synthetic charts as range bars and Renko bars.

The indicator parameters: 

  • Delta High - large variables' value.
  • Delta Medium - medium variables' value.
  • Delta Less - short variables' value.
  • Level 1 - first level of calculation.
  • Level 2 - second level of calculation.
  • Level 3 - third level of calculation.
  • the arrow type (1-3) - selecting arrow image.
  • indent - distance between the price and the arrow reading on the chart, in points.

The indicator is a part of a trading system. The trading robot based on it is to be published soon. All owners of the indicator will receive a discount.

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