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MA Statistics

This indicator calculates certain statistics related to Moving Averages and the price. The statistics are related to Points, Candles, and Slope. The current calculated numbers are compared to historic statistics to determine overbought/oversold levels, which are good buy or sell signals. There are 5 types of statistics. Four of these may give buy or sell signals.


  • Compare Price?

    If true, the indicator will gather statistics based on chart candles compared to an MA. If false, it will compare another MA line instead of chart candles. When this is the case, then the MA#2 inputs are used. The same types of statistics will be made in both cases. The main difference is that, if true, the chart candles compared to an MA is used and, if false, then the MA#1 compared to MA#2 is used.

  • Candles Back

    This is the number of candles in the past that statistics will be gathered from.

    Note: The indicator does not consider partial cycles. For example, if you set this to 300 and 300 candles in the past lands in the middle of a cycle, the indicator will ignore it and will continue looking to the right through the newer candles until it finds a complete cycle. So it is possible that even if you set 300, this may not be the actual number of candles used.

  • Other Inputs

    The rest of the inputs are either standard MA inputs, alert inputs, or display inputs. These should be self-explanatory.

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2016.08.31 18:52 

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