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MACD of timeframes from M1 to D1 in a single window od one chart.

The first time frame (counting from right to left) shows the values of the standard MACD indicator on the current timeframe (the timeframe of the running chart), then the indicator values on other timeframes is shown (in the timeframe ascending order).

Adjustable parameters of the indicator:

  • FastEMA - the period of the fast MA;
  • SlowEMA - the period of the slow MA;
  • Signal - the period of the signal MA.

Description of the MACD indicator:

MACD shows the ratio of a pair of MAs. The basis of this technical indicator is the difference between the 26- and 12-period exponential moving averages. To more accurately determine the time to sell or to buy, a signal line corresponding to the 9-period MA is drawn on the chart. MACD is most appropriate to use during market fluctuations in the trading range with a high amplitude.

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