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Expert Arrows

Expert Arrows was created with the idea of minimizing inputs and maximizing effectiveness. It accomplishes both thoroughly. Check Screenshots for specifics on when to get into and out of trades.

With this indicator you will be able to:

  • Expert Arrows is a trending indicator
  • Change the amount of bars in test with the period input
  • Set or remove buy or sell arrows
  • Default period is 10
  • Suggested time frame is H1

Good luck and happy trading,


Disclaimer: Expert Arrows is just an indicator and is in no way a complete trading strategy. The Forex is inherently unstable and the author of this indicator takes no responsibility for any loses incurred while trading using this it. Trade at your own risk.

Arhey 2014.08.27 10:32 

Не нашел ему применения в своей ТС.Сигналы не точные.