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Moves 4


  • This indicator is based on four known indicators: Moving Average, Accumlator, Momentum and RSI.
  • This tool is suitable for day traders.


  • Calculates Market Trend.
  • Optimized to use minimal system recources.
  • Works on any timeframe and symbol - recommended to use on 30 minutes and larger timeframes.
  • Works on any account and broker.


  1. This program collects the data of the four indicators and shows the market trend according to this calculation.
  2. This program shows the status of all four indicators, the feature that is added to them is the ability to assess the market trend.
  3. Four of these indicators are based on well-known professional mathematical calculations, thus giving greater weight to calculate the trend and market direction.

How to Use It

  • MA_Period - Moving Average period.
  • Momentum_Period - Momentum period.
  • RSI_Period - RSI period.
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