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Pro Trend Scanner
Nikolay Georgiev
Update: Push to mobile notification is now added as optinal in the settings. Most traders fail to generate profit because of the lack of so-called filters and scanners. If you want to win at trading you need a solid system and also a filtering tool for some or all of your entry criteria. It is impossible to follow 24 currency pairs, all the indices, stocks and commodities without a filtering tool. Imagine you can get an email any time CCI crosses bellow 100 and 0 when the price is bellow MA5 an
39 USD
Timeframe Boxes Indicator
Nikolay Georgiev
Get the bars from higher time frame on your main chart. You can be trading on M15 and watch H1 and H4 bars at the same time. Use the advantages by watching a single chart and keep track of Japanese candlesticks patterns from a higher time frame. You can no scalp on M1 or M5 without loosing sights of how much is it left for the M30 or H1 candle to close and if it bullish or bearish.
30 USD
Moving Average Change
Nikolay Georgiev
Moving Average Change Do you wonder where to take profits? Have you ever searched a simple strategy to execute trades? The Moving Average Change indicator is a perfect product for you. The indicator is perfect for finding divergence on charts. It works perfectly on any timeframe but keeps in mind m1 to m15 will be short-lived signals. You can still use it to scalp forex indices and commodities. The indicator also has an option for backstep where you can check the change in MA value between not
50 USD
Euro Dollar Gringo
Nikolay Georgiev
This is a stable EURUSD strategy, that can deliver solid results. Low drawdown compared to profit. Parameters are already set to deliver profits, no need to change anything (only Lots volume) just set on chart and leave it print some money. All positions has StopLoss and TakeProfit and no Martingale, Grid or Averaging is used. Account size 500$ => Lots = 0.05 Account size 1000$ => Lots = 0.10 Account size 5000$ => Lots = 0.50 Works ok on M5, M15, M30, H1 and H4.
99 USD
Smart Money Euro Dollar
Nikolay Georgiev
Smart Money Euro Dollar is designed to trade EURUSD forex pairs. This system has the ability to completely manage your EURUSD exposure with 3 built in Money management methods. You can choose to trade with fixed lot size or with balance dependent volume size. The third option is to trade using a Martingale increase in volume when a loose trade comes in. The algorithm uses a special trend and level system which is built in the core of the EA which achieves 60% accuracy in signals for a long peri
149 USD
Time Range Pivot Points
Nikolay Georgiev
Time Range Pivot Points is an indicator that will plot Pivot Point + Support and Resistance levels on the chart, but it will calculate the formula based on a specific time range, that can be defined in the settings. If you want to successfully trade the European and US sessions it will be smart to check all levels generated by the Asian session time range. This indicator will allow you to do that. Everything is designed to get you an advantage of the potential support and resistance levels for t
30 USD